Tuesday, July 19

Granny's Tacos: Taco Truck formerly known as Ambulance Truck.

Run, do not walk to Granny's Tacos. They just posted up the first of July (2016) right next to the Vintage coffee shop. Armando Vasquez and his wife run the ambulance truck turnt taco truck so even after your try their hot salsas you can get treated too. ;) Waaah!

It's not just the truck that makes it a winner. The tacos are yummy, the al pastor and the chile spices come through with strong tones and hints of chile. So good. The migas are spot on, just what you would expect from an ambulance truck. :o

Granny's Taco's is still off the grid. ;) It's in the super small trailer park next to Vintage coffee on East 7th and Navasota. I know some people like to keep these "finds" a secret but I'm all about supporting taqueros, so run, don't walk to Granny's Tacos!

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