Tuesday, October 4

Tacos of Texas: El Book Tour!

That's right. We coming to your ciudad in Texas! We kicked off Austin with one hellavah taco party and now we're going back to celebrate the tacos - 8 cities in total. Invite your friends, bring yo kids & let's eat tacos!

RSVP on the Tacos of Texas event page.

Wednesday, August 17

Taco World Premiere: The Tacos of Texas Trailer

Last year we started the "taco research," yeah we went to 10 cities in Texas to uncover the best tacos in the Lonestar State which is basically like half of America. We traveled over 7,000 miles, covered 10 cities, interviewed over 100 people and ate around 500 tacos (give or take a few tortillas). Oh yeah and we filmed it too thanks to Dennis Burnett aka El Flaco Rojo. Check out the Tacos of Texas book trailer and look for the upcoming video series featuring the taco vibe and culture in 10 cities in Texas.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Cowboys & Vaqueros, these are The Tacos of Texas.
Film by Dennis Burnett

Get the Tacos of Texas book at www.TacosofTexas.com.

Tuesday, July 19

Granny's Tacos: Taco Truck formerly known as Ambulance Truck.

Run, do not walk to Granny's Tacos. They just posted up the first of July (2016) right next to the Vintage coffee shop. Armando Vasquez and his wife run the ambulance truck turnt taco truck so even after your try their hot salsas you can get treated too. ;) Waaah!

It's not just the truck that makes it a winner. The tacos are yummy, the al pastor and the chile spices come through with strong tones and hints of chile. So good. The migas are spot on, just what you would expect from an ambulance truck. :o

Granny's Taco's is still off the grid. ;) It's in the super small trailer park next to Vintage coffee on East 7th and Navasota. I know some people like to keep these "finds" a secret but I'm all about supporting taqueros, so run, don't walk to Granny's Tacos!

Thursday, July 14

Barbacoa Love

Barbacoa Sundays – It’s a way of life in South Texas.  Rooted in family traditions of backyard cooking, barbacoa is a cultural taste that grew out of farms and ranches and is enjoyed by many families across Texas. Slow-cooked or steamed to beef cheek perfection, barbacoa is prepared traditionally in a pozo, (in-ground pit or outdoor oven) or in a slow cooker (crockpot) and for those of us that like to pick it up by the pound, our local supermercado or taqueria.

Check out the Texas Traditions videos, a series we're doing with Beef Loving Texans. You can view the videos below or read the full blog post aquí.

Texas Traditions: Barbacoa 

How-to Barbacoa for the home cooks! 

Saturday, June 25

Taco Map: The Iconic Tacos of Texas

For our upcoming libro, The Tacos of Texas, we've done muy important research; we discovered and rediscovered different parts of Texas, all in the name of tacos. From South Texas to West Texas, if people were making tacos, we were there to eat them. No tacos were left untouched. And, yes, Texas does have a ton of taco options, and as we drove thousands of miles for The Tacos of Texas, we found that each region has different flavors and styles and the taco that everyone loves. Way back when we got our contract with UT Press, we set out to do a taco map for the book. It took us a while to develop the content and thanks to Tanya Ramirez, our taco design intern, we have the ultimate taco map all mapped out for you! Ladies and gentlemen, cowboys y vaqueros, These are The Iconic Tacos of Texas!

Monday, April 25

Texas Standard: How we mix cultures to make great tacos

The Texas Standard asks, "When does a taco stop being a taco?" I say NEVER! As long as there are warm corn or flour tortillas, we will always have tacos. In the latest segment of my #tacotalk with David Brown of the Texas Standard, we talk about veggie, chapulines, Korean BBQ, Farm to Table and how we mix cultures to make great tacos.

Korean BBQ Tacos by Tacoholics in El Paso
Photo by Marco Torres
Listen Aquí!

Wednesday, March 9

Eat these Tacos at SXSW

Welcome to Austin, Texas y'all! We have a plethora of tacos for you to try during SXSW. Sure you can go to Torchy's and Tacodeli and you should but there are waaaay more places to get good tacos in Austin. As your Taco Journalist, I urge you to eat these tacos again and again and again!

Brisket Taco
Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ 
The Brisket Taco is the bomb! 

Battered bacon, eggs & beans
Breakfast Taco Heaven! 
Joe's Bakery

Best Migas Taco in town!
Veracruz All Natural 

Blackened Fish Tacos
Tamale House East 
Also see Chori-Migas taco

Egg and Chorizo Breakfast Taco
Keeping a classic classic.
El Primo Trailer 

Barbacoa Taco
ConMadre Kitchen
South Texas style 

Tacos Al Pastor
Mi Tradicion Panaderia
Tacos Al Pastor Enchilado (Extra spicy!)

Tacos al Pastor from the Trompo!
Rosita’s Al Pastor 

Carnitas Taco
Mi Madre's Restaurant
Also see breakfast taco Number 0

Del Mar Fish Tacos
Mellizoz Tacos
Talapia goodness!

A whole lotta crispy tacos! 
La Cocina de Consuelo
Also see breakfast burritos

Tacos de hongos y rajas **Veggie Alert** 
Papalote Taco House
Also see Taco de Coliflor!

Deep in the heart of Fajitas!
Matt's El Rancho 
Don't forget the Bob Armstrong Queso! 

Fajitas Ranchera Tacos - Muy Espicy!
Habanero Mexican Restaurant 

Checka the taco map and go eat these tacos! 

Truth Shall Be the Victor in this #TacoWar

Truth shall the be victor in this #TacoWar! That Austin Eater writer got it wrong, even after I told him to look to South Texas. Catch up on the Austin - San Antonio #TacoWar on the Texas Standard where I talk about Columbusing, gentrification of tacos, culture & the truth!

Listen Aquí!