Monday, April 25

Texas Standard: How we mix cultures to make great tacos

The Texas Standard asks, "When does a taco stop being a taco?" I say NEVER! As long as there are warm corn or flour tortillas, we will always have tacos. In the latest segment of my #tacotalk with David Brown of the Texas Standard, we talk about veggie, chapulines, Korean BBQ, Farm to Table and how we mix cultures to make great tacos.

Korean BBQ Tacos by Tacoholics in El Paso
Photo by Marco Torres
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Wednesday, March 9

Eat these Tacos at SXSW

Welcome to Austin, Texas y'all! We have a plethora of tacos for you to try during SXSW. Sure you can go to Torchy's and Tacodeli and you should but there are waaaay more places to get good tacos in Austin. As your Taco Journalist, I urge you to eat these tacos again and again and again!

Brisket Taco
Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ 
The Brisket Taco is the bomb! 

Battered bacon, eggs & beans
Breakfast Taco Heaven! 
Joe's Bakery

Best Migas Taco in town!
Veracruz All Natural 

Blackened Fish Tacos
Tamale House East 
Also see Chori-Migas taco

Egg and Chorizo Breakfast Taco
Keeping a classic classic.
El Primo Trailer 

Barbacoa Taco
ConMadre Kitchen
South Texas style 

Tacos Al Pastor
Mi Tradicion Panaderia
Tacos Al Pastor Enchilado (Extra spicy!)

Tacos al Pastor from the Trompo!
Rosita’s Al Pastor 

Carnitas Taco
Mi Madre's Restaurant
Also see breakfast taco Number 0

Del Mar Fish Tacos
Mellizoz Tacos
Talapia goodness!

A whole lotta crispy tacos! 
La Cocina de Consuelo
Also see breakfast burritos

Tacos de hongos y rajas **Veggie Alert** 
Papalote Taco House
Also see Taco de Coliflor!

Deep in the heart of Fajitas!
Matt's El Rancho 
Don't forget the Bob Armstrong Queso! 

Fajitas Ranchera Tacos - Muy Espicy!
Habanero Mexican Restaurant 

Checka the taco map and go eat these tacos! 

Truth Shall Be the Victor in this #TacoWar

Truth shall the be victor in this #TacoWar! That Austin Eater writer got it wrong, even after I told him to look to South Texas. Catch up on the Austin - San Antonio #TacoWar on the Texas Standard where I talk about Columbusing, gentrification of tacos, culture & the truth!

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Saturday, January 16

Undercover Tacos

We don't need no stinkin' taco stand! So where do you go to uncover comida casera or in this case, homemade tacos?!? There's a place you may have heard about. It's commonly known as El Face or Feizbuk except to find these tacos, you have to dig deep into the groups of FB. Instead of using FB to connect with friends and family, there's a different way of using it, more like a Craigslist or an online flea market. Oh yeah, you can find deals on kids clothes, cars, grills and yes, homemade tacos.


But of course, you have to know a bit of taco-speak, el Español and you have to gain the trust of the taco ladies selling the tacos. Usually, you'll get directed to a number where you can text the location of the tacos or a taco corner and in Austin, it'll be right around IH-35 and Rundberg Lane.

So if you want that real homemade taco experience, sometimes you'll have meet the taco lady in the parking lot of the IRS building, gas station or in front of her porch. But this is nothing new, Mexicans and taco hustlers have been doing this since the beginning of time. You see that in Mexico, along the border towns in Texas and barrios of Northeast Austin. And what you get is a home cooked meal by somebody's Mom, Tia or Abuelita and that's all good in my book. 

So yes, I did enjoy my #UndercoverTacos + you get the extras (zanahorias y cebollitas) and that great homemade taste! 

So good luck in your search for that comida casera cuz that's something I'll just keep to myself for obvious reasons. Stay hungry my friends. 


Tuesday, November 24

Tacos are for Taco Lovers: The Ultimate Texas Gift Guide 2015 by Texas Monthly

Damn son! Tacos be movin' on up! Tacos are their own category in Texas Monthly's 2015 Ultimate Gift Guide: Gifts made in Texas by Texans for Texans. We'll take it! Check out their lista including Texas Humor's Taco Time shirt, SA Flavor's Puffy Taco sticker and yes, our libro (pronounced lee-bro!), Austin Breakfast Tacos: The Story of the Most Important Taco of the Day. Check out the guide aqui!

SA Flavor's Puffy Taco Sticker
Texas Humor's Taco Time shirt

Austin Breakfast Tacos by the TacoJournalists themselves! Photo by  Four St. James

Thursday, September 3

The Tacos of Texas: Thank you Texas!

Thank you Texas. Thank you for the tacos and more importantly, the people behind the tacos. After 6 weeks on the road, 10 cities, a plethora of tacos and meeting some amazing people, I really feel warm and fuzzy inside. While the book and documentary series is about tacos, it's really the people behind the tacos that will be the stars. Thank you for sharing your stories, culture, traditions and family recipes.

This is The Tacos of Texas...

  • 6 weeks on the road!
  • 7000+ miles driven - in The Lonestar State!
  • 1000's of photos taken by Marco Torres
  • 500+ Tacos consumed
  • 100+ Interviews filmed by Dennis Burnett for the documentary video series
  • 10 Cities 
  • 3 Mayors, 1 Police Chief, 1 Poet Laureate, multiple chefs & cooks & lots of abuelitas! 
  • 2 Taco Journalists
  • 1 ‪#‎ChevyTacoTruck‬
  • 1 new & official Tacos of Texas tattoo 

Now to write this book!!!! Que Viva Los Tacos of Texas​ y La Gente de Tejas!

Tuesday, June 30

The Dallas Taco Scene is Muy Rico! #TacoLibreDallas

Monterrey has landed! And it comes with lots of real deal tacos! From trompo to carnitas and patitas (piggy feet) and to Birria de Chivo and the oh so good Tacos Dorados de Papa (molida). Last weekend, I ventured north to TacoTrail's territory - Dallas, Texas and got the hook up at Taco Libre Dallas, part music, part lucha libre and all folded (not rolled) into corn and flour, but mostly corn tortillas. Jose Ralat aka Taco Trail curated the tacos and knows that taco scene like nobody's business. While I did miss out on the Lucha Libre, I did not miss out on the tacos (just check out the plethora of tacos below). Mil gracias to Taco Libre Dallas and TacoTrail for a tacotote good time! 

Carnitas, Cuero y Patitas from Urban Taco

That's me, waiting on the trompo!

Birria de Chivo and Taco Dorado en salsa roja
from Revolver Taco Lounge

Al Pastor y mas from Chile Pepper Grill

Matt and Mando showcasing taco eating:
Americans tilt the head, Mexicans tilt the taco. 

OakCliff Trompo taqueros working it on a hot summer day!

One of my faves: Tacos al Trompo from OakCliff Trompo

Wednesday, June 24

Calling Texas Taco Fans! Do you have what it takes to be on the Texas Taco Council?

Ripped From The Headlines! "Do you have what it takes to be on the Texas Taco Council?" Thanks @Statesman. So do ya, do ya??? If you got the huevos, nominate yo'self, yo abuelita, yo mariachis, yo neighbors or yo cousins!

Calling all Taco Aficionados! 
Nominations Open for newly formed Texas Taco Council
Click here to nominate a taco ambassador today!

Selected members to represent 10 cities across in Texas for the new book The Tacos of Texas by Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece, to be published by University of Texas Press.

AUSTIN – June 23, 2015 – Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece, authors of Austin Breakfast Tacos: The Story of the Most Important Taco of the Day, today announced an open nomination for local taco lovers and aficionados to be selected for the newly established Texas Taco Council. Taco Ambassadors will be selected from 10 cities in Texas and provide insider input that will be included in the new book The Tacos of Texas, to be published by University of Texas Press in the Fall of 2016.

The Texas Taco Council will help in identifying the best taco dishes and restaurants from around the state of Texas, and will be featured in the book, sharing their top 10 taco list and insights on the taco culture in their respective cities.

“When we decided to start The Tacos of Texas, we knew it would not only be a huge undertaking but it was incredibly important to accurately reflect the rich histories and cultures each of the 10 cities on our list,” said Mando Rayo, Author of The Tacos of Texas. “By establishing the Texas Taco Council, we hope to gather together those influential and knowledgeable individuals who are passionate about their communities and share our deep love of tacos.”

“A great book, like a great taco, demands collaboration among its makers to reach its full potential,” said Casey Kittrell, the book’s editor at UT Press. “We can’t wait to see what the TTC brings to light.”

You can nominate your cousin, your abuelita, your co-worker, your favorite taquero or chef, your local mariachi, cultural icon or historian, or even yourself. Local taco ambassadors should have a good knowledge of their town's taco scene, from the well-known favorites to the secret destinations that only locals know about. Nominations are open to anyone living in the participating cities:

Corpus Christi
El Paso
San Antonio

To nominate a taco ambassador or learn more about the upcoming book, please visit

The Tacos of Texas is a new book by Taco Journalism’s Mando Rayo & Jarod Neece, authors of the popular book and Austin Bestseller, Austin Breakfast Tacos: The Story of the Most Important Taco of the Day. We will explore 10 cities, all with their own brand of taco charm. We’ll learn about them from the restaurateurs, Taqueros, Abuelitas, Chefs and Texas legends that make each city’s tacos the best. There will be over 50 recipes from around the state. We’ll hit local favorites, flea markets, hole in the wall discoveries and go into peoples’ homes and kitchens.To Mando Rayo & Jarod Neece, The Tacos of Texas is a subject that is near and dear to their hearts. Both lifelong Texans and taco eaters they are setting off to explore this great state and all the tacos it has to offer. We’ll be visiting 10 Texas cities on our journey this summer. We’ll be stopping in big cities, small towns and everywhere else along the way.
Stay tuned to and our Facebook and Twitter pages for taco updates galore.

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