Friday, September 1

Tacos for Houston (Hurricane Harvey Relief)

Calling all taco lovers! Join us for Tacos for Houston as we raise funds for Hurricane Harvey Relief. Your mission is to go eat tacos this Saturday, 9/2 (yes all day!) with our participating taco shops & taquerias as portions of the sales will help our amigos in Houston & the Gulf Coast.

Veracruz All Natural (All locations)
Tamale House East (East Austin featuring #RevolucionBeer)
VaqueroTaquero (Hyde Park)
Taco Joint (All locations)
Pueblo Viejo (Brushy Creek Location)
Mellizoz Tacos (South First Street Location)
Independence Brewing Co. (#RevolucionBeer stop!)
Kesos Taco House (UT area)

Click here for el map

RSVP Aquí!

So wake up on Saturday and satisfy your taco obsession while helping nuestros amigos in Houston and the Gulf Coast!

Proceeds will benefit the Greater Houston Community Foundation & other local nonprofits.

Thursday, August 3

Nobody CAN like a MexiCAN! #RevolucionBeer

By now, some of you may have huuurd about our taco beer - Revolución Saison Ale, a collab with Independence Brewing. Yeah, we're taking the tacos to a whole 'nother level ya'll! We had a big blow out pari at IndyBrewing with all the tacos, we introduced it to SA and guess what? They like it, expect for the group of teachers that prefer light beer. :/ Anyjuays. You can get your Revolución at you local HEB, checka the list of Texas stores aquí. Read up on why Revolución is the perfect complement to your carnitas, carne asada and even tacos al pastor on Food and Wine. Oh yeah, we fancy like dat!

Also checka the world premiere of Nobody CAN like a MexiCAN. Get it, get it??? Bwaahaha!

Wednesday, June 21

Breaking Taco News! Tacos of Texas selected for ITVS funding

El team behind the recent hit book The Tacos of Texas, Mando Rayo & Jarod Neece (that's us!), have been selected for ITVS funding to develop a pilot episode for a new Online Series. If greenlit, the Digital Series will focus on the people, the places and the taco culture in the Great State of Tejas. ITVS will be developing the series with the intention of distributing through public media.

The Tacos of Texas team will film the pilot episode in El Paso, Texas this summer. “Being a border town and this Taco Journalist’s hometown, I think it opens up a great story, not only on the love of tacos or it’s people but with issues associated with the region including the border wall, immigration and border-style cuisine.” “We’re excited to be part of ITVS and share our taco love with the world!,” says Rayo.

The core Tacos of Texas team include Mando Rayo, Producer/Co-Host; Jarod Neece, Co-Producer/Co-Host and Dennis Burnett, Director and with work with local teams and the Texas Taco Council for local knowledge and taco insights. “We are thrilled to be working with ITVS to develop this new series. We think it's a great fit for our story and will help us reach a large and diverse audience,” says Neece. ITVS partnership comes through the Digital Open Call which offers research and development funding to pilot a series on public media platforms.  The Tacos of Texas aims to partner with local PBS stations across Texas to showcase each city’s tacos through the eyes of taco fans across the state.

MANDO RAYO and JAROD NEECE are the authors of the best-selling books, The Tacos of Texas (University of Texas Press, 2016) and Austin Breakfast Tacos: The Story of the Most Important Taco of the Day (The History Press, 2013) and founders of the blog Rayo is the CEO and engagement strategist at Mando Rayo + Collective, a multicultural advertising agency; Neece has been with SXSW since 2002 and is the Senior Film Programmer.

Monday, May 15

TACOLAB: Rancho-style Carnitas (cooking class)

Y'know tacos taste better when you make 'em yourself but they taste even better when they're made in a cazo, in a brewery and rancho-style. Yeah, put those pots and pans away, cuz we gonna make carnitas, rancho-style. The TacoLab is my introduction to Texas and Mexican style cooking that go back generations, from carnitas in a cazo (cauldron), to barbacoa in a pozo and al pastor on a trompo. These are just some of the styles I grew up with and now I'm sharing the taco love with home cooks, newbies and seasoned taqueros. And no, you don't have to be a chef or have a fancy title, you just have to bring your "grassroots cocinero" attitude & ganas! Register aquí.

THE TACO LAB: Rancho-style Carnitas with author and grassroots cocinero, Mando Rayo
- in partnership with Independence Brewing Company and South Texas Heritage Pork

Enjoy a muy tasty hands-on cooking class by author and grassroots cocinero Mando Rayo. In this TACO LAB, Mando will walk you through the process of making carnitas (pork) in a cazo (cauldron), el rancho grande style. By participating in this TACO LAB, you will be named El Chingon or La Chingona en el mundo de carnitas and tacos. Participants also receive the following:

+ Overview of The Tacos of Texas book
+ History, culture and traditions of carnitas in Mexico and Texas
+ Step by Step process of making carnitas + recipe
+ Beer tasting and pairing
+ Brewery Tour
+ Carnitas Assembly Kit (to make carnitas at home) in parntership wtih South Texas Heritage Pork
+ Option to purchase a signed copy of The Tacos of Texas book
+ All the carnitas until we run out!

Thank you to our partners Independence Brewing Company & South Texas Heritage Pork.

Register here:
Tickets are $75 (+ tax) per person.

Wednesday, March 29

WHEREAS, Texans love the warm embrace of a tortilla

WHEREAS, people in Texas eat more tacos than any other food. AMIRITE? Trust me, we do. WHEREAS, we started a petition and now Texas State Representative Gina Hinojosa filed the bill to make tacos the official food of Texas. And for that, generations of Texans and Mexicans thank you. Thank you for enjoying our food, our culture, our tortillas and eating tacos, hell, way before Texas was Texas!

The resolution has been filed and we'll need lots more support from both sides if ya know what I mean! And y'know it's real cuz this is a pic of Rep. Gina Hinojosa and the taco journalist (me)!

Bill: HCR 110
Legislative Session: 85(R)
Council Document: 85R 14323 KSM-D
Last Action: 03/10/2017 H Filed
Caption Version: Introduced
Caption Text: Designating tacos as the official state food of Texas.
Author: Hinojosa, Gina
Subjects: Resolutions--Official Designations--State Symbols (I0718)

By:  Hinojosa H.C.R. No. 110

WHEREAS, From El Paso to Texarkana, from Texline to Brownsville, from the Rio Grande to the Red River, Texans consume a lot of tacos, and most of the other foods Texans enjoy, including brisket, sausage, eggs, chorizo, beans, and seafood, are that much better when served in the warm embrace of a tortilla; and

WHEREAS, While the exact origins of the taco are uncertain, this staple of Mexican cuisine is thought to have been around at least as long as the Lone Star State, and it has been wholeheartedly adopted as a mainstay of Texas dining; and

WHEREAS, Texans have strong opinions about whether flour or corn tortillas reign supreme, and as far as fillings go, we delight in such traditional choices as pork al pastor, beef barbacoa, and chicken fajita, and we also appreciate the more exotic ingredients that have been pressed into service, including everything from octopus to elk to kimchi fried rice; our state is believed to be the birthplace of the breakfast taco, and although Texans have yet to arrive at a consensus regarding which region deserves recognition for the best breakfast tacos, we are happy to indulge in the spirited debate and taste testing related to this serious issue; and

WHEREAS, One thing Texans can agree on is that, despite the availability of tacos in the other 49 states, the tastiest tacos can be found in the great State of Texas; and

WHEREAS, The Texas Legislature has recognized a variety of state symbols as tangible representations of the proud character and colorful heritage of the Lone Star State; while tortilla chips and salsa make for a satisfying state snack and chili is worthy of its selection as the official state dish, the taco, which needs no dish and can be hearty enough to serve as a meal all by itself, is indeed deserving of a place at the table; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the 85th Legislature of the State of Texas hereby designate tacos as the official state food of Texas.

Monday, March 13

Eat tacos like a loco during SXSW!

Eat tacos like a loco and like a local. Listen to my interview on the Texas Standard and check out our updated SXSW taco lista!

The Real Deal Holyfield Brisket Breakfast Taco
Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ 

Hand-made breakfast tacos - Estilo Rio Grande Valley
Vaquero Taquero

Battered bacon, eggs & beans
Breakfast Taco Heaven! 
Joe's Bakery

Bistec all the way! 
Tacos Guerrero

Best Migas Taco in town!
Veracruz All Natural 

Blackened Fish Tacos
Tamale House East 
Also see Chori-Migas taco

Egg and Chorizo Breakfast Taco
Keeping a classic classic.
El Primo Trailer 

Barbacoa Taco
ConMadre Kitchen
South Texas style 

Tacos Al Pastor
Mi Tradicion Panaderia
Tacos Al Pastor Enchilado (Extra spicy!)

Tacos al Pastor from the Trompo!
Rosita’s Al Pastor 

Carnitas Taco
Mi Madre's Restaurant
Also see breakfast taco Number 0

Del Mar Fish Tacos
Mellizoz Tacos
Talapia goodness!

A whole lotta crispy tacos! 
La Cocina de Consuelo
Also see breakfast burritos

Tacos de hongos y rajas **Veggie Alert** 
Papalote Taco House
Also see Taco de Coliflor!

Deep in the heart of Fajitas!
Matt's El Rancho 
Don't forget the Bob Armstrong Queso! 

Fajitas Ranchera Tacos - Muy Espicy!
Habanero Mexican Restaurant 

Friday, February 17

Make Tacos the National Food of Texas!

Calling all taco lovers! Let's make tacos the official food of Texas! Whether you grew up here in Texas or you got here as soon as you could, you’re eating tacos. In Texas, people eat tacos on a weekly basis. Hell, tacos were here before Texas was Texas!

If you love tacos, please check out my petition, sign it and share it with your friends and network via email, Facebook, Twitter y más!

Once we get momentum, I'm going to share the petition to a taco friendly Texas State Senator.

Click here to sign the petition!

Tuesday, February 14

Gas Station Tacos: Taqueria Huentitan

Like most people, I'm a little weary of tacos with a side gasolina fumes. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about gas station tacos as long as they're legit, y'know with real taqueras behind the counter. When I went into the Highland Market aka Exxon gas station, I had a hunch the taqueria in there was the real deal. Not only from the smells, but from the taco ladies serving it up and a nice-er menu that most gas stations. I took my friend Adam was like "I don't know Mando, I haven't had good luck eating at gas stations." I reassured him and reminded him who was taking him out for tacos. And then he said, "Oh Palabra."

Mira, El Menu!

So here's the deal. Taqueria Huentitan is inside the Highland Market/Exxon gas station next to the In and Out Burger. Yeah, skip the cheap burgers and go to Whataburger (obviously) or go inside the market to get some goody tacos. Once inside the market, go through the beef jerky aisle and take a quick left at the Doritos. You'll find 2, I repeat only 2 seats. Sit down and order the barbacoa and carnitas tacos. I kid you not, these are some of the sweetest barbacoa tacos in town. The salsas are spicy, green and red and the nachos with fajitas are tasty as well. Finish it off with a fountain drink and you're set for the rest of the day.
Barbacoa and Carnitas

You're Welcome.
Mando, The TacoJournalist