Thursday, July 14

Barbacoa Love

Barbacoa Sundays – It’s a way of life in South Texas.  Rooted in family traditions of backyard cooking, barbacoa is a cultural taste that grew out of farms and ranches and is enjoyed by many families across Texas. Slow-cooked or steamed to beef cheek perfection, barbacoa is prepared traditionally in a pozo, (in-ground pit or outdoor oven) or in a slow cooker (crockpot) and for those of us that like to pick it up by the pound, our local supermercado or taqueria.

Check out the Texas Traditions videos, a series we're doing with Beef Loving Texans. You can view the videos below or read the full blog post aquí.

Texas Traditions: Barbacoa 

How-to Barbacoa for the home cooks! 

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