Wednesday, August 17

Taco World Premiere: The Tacos of Texas Trailer

Last year we started the "taco research," yeah we went to 10 cities in Texas to uncover the best tacos in the Lonestar State which is basically like half of America. We traveled over 7,000 miles, covered 10 cities, interviewed over 100 people and ate around 500 tacos (give or take a few tortillas). Oh yeah and we filmed it too thanks to Dennis Burnett aka El Flaco Rojo. Check out the Tacos of Texas book trailer and look for the upcoming video series featuring the taco vibe and culture in 10 cities in Texas.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Cowboys & Vaqueros, these are The Tacos of Texas.
Film by Dennis Burnett

Get the Tacos of Texas book at

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