Friday, May 30

Alla en el Rancho Grande: Southern Traditions Grass Fed Meats

♬ Alla el en rancho grande...alla donde viviaaa ... no habia grass feed meats. Nope. But in Austin, you gotta have it porque times are changing even for us grassroots cocineros. Now don't get wrong, I love my mystery meat and I never ask where the Al Pastor comes from but I am a fan of the quality meats. So when Nick from Southern Traditions Grass Fed Meats offered me some carnies, I took it! By no means is this a review but more of a commentary on how much I enjoyed the free quality meats by ST.

So what's a taco guy to do? Pos make tacos of course. I started with the ground beef for...yup...Taco Tuesday. It was nice to open package of carnie and not be overwhelmed by the typical strong smell which usually happens when I go to the traditional meat markets. I quickly whipped up a lesser version of picadillo, minus the papas cuz y'know papas are just fillers. No thanks. I also add my veggies cuz they good for yous. 10-15 minutos later...juala!

"Mira la carne!" said Mando
"Que Rico!" said Diego, Age 2

Next up was the kabob sirloin. Now I love to grill out pero when you can't grillz, you gotta break out the comal like any self-respecting Mexicano. Now on the comal, you can make just about anything...comal pot pie, comal quesadillas, comal chiles tostados y comal tacos. Yup, that's about it. Now I gotta be honest the kabob isn't my fave but I spiced it up, added some mushrooms con calabasas and it turned out pretty good. I like my meats a little red to keep it tender and I sure was pleased with myself...and the meat, of course.


So mil gracias to Nick from Southern Traditions Grass Fed Meats for reaching out. But you don't have to take my word for it, check 'em out at your local farmer's markets aquí:

  • Each Saturday - Cedar Park/Lakeline Mall and SFC Market Downtown 4th & Guadalupe from 9 am to 1 pm
  • Each Sunday - Lone Star Market - Shops @ Hill Country Galleria (Lowes Parking Lot) 10 am to 2 pm and the Hope Market  East Austin 5th & Comal – 11 am to 3 pm
  • Our products can also be bought at Paleface Feed & Garden out on Hwy 71 and The Health Box on South Lamar & Barton Springs.

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