Thursday, July 3

Mijo's Tex-Mex: Not for this Tejano

Here's the thing, Tex-Mex is a dying breed in Austin. There's only a few last standing Tex-Mex joints still around like Matt's El Rancho and Cisco's so when I heard about Mijo's Tex-Mex, I was down to try it. I've been there once before on a secret Tex-Mex mission but just for drinks and some queso - the real kind, y'know the velveeta kind that hardens in about 10 minutes. 

Mijo's is located in East 11th neighborhood just off I-35. As you walk in you can definitely feel the Tex-Mex feel, lots of colors, music in the background and the menu is actually more than Tex-Mex. From looking at el menu, I think they may be wanting to do a lot more than Tex-Mex? So we (my friend Cynthia and I - also I never eat alone, yes I have taco eating issues) ordered a sampling of their Street Tacos and a plate of the Puffy Tacos and chips and queso. For the record, the Street Tacos are more Mexican than Tex-Mex. Maybe they were inspired by TC? D'oh! Quien sabe?

Los Street Tacos
Los Puffy Tacos
Los Street Tacos definitely looked good. Mira el picture! They did not disappoint. La presentacion was good too, with 6 tacos, sauteed onions and jalapeños. La carne was rich and smokey and left a hearty taste in your mouth. That and the kick with the jalapeños and the green salsa brought it home for me, which was a good thing because the tortillas were a little bland and well so was the rest of the meal. The Puffy Tacos looked muy rico but the promise did not deliver. The puffiness was great but again, the puffy tortillas were missing something, like salt and maybe some manteca??? The picadillo on the taco was pretty tame. The beans needed a lot of help too. They tasted like they were sitting in that big container that most restaurants have and diluted with lots of water. Besides the Street Tacos, the green salsa was really good. It was jalapeño green, hot and they brought it out warm. The queso was just okay but the green salsa helped to give it a kick. 

Pos there you have it. Mijo's, you've got a mix of things going for you but Tex-Mex may not be the one. Well not for this Tejano. 

1000 East 11th St, Ste 150,
Austin, TX 78702

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