Tuesday, May 6

These are Very Important Tacos! Get ur VIT tix at PachangaFest!

Maria’s Taco Xpress - La Fogata - El Primo - Mellizoz - Dos Batos - Casa Chapala - One Taco - Tacodeli - El Taquito Sabor Mexico. #QueRico!

Los creatives at PachangaFest Latino Music Festival have brought together a plethora of tacos for all you taco and music lovers! So why not spend this Saturday enjoying some good musica Latina and enjoy some tacos, drinks and some nice air conditioning with your VIT tickets. 

Here's what you get...

One signature taco from each of the 10 participating restaurants.
Salsa bar from El Taquito and Casa Chapala.
Paletas from Mom & Pops.
Unlimited non-alcoholic drinks including aguas frescas from El Taquito.
Access to indoor restrooms and air conditioned lounge.

So get your tix todays

Full disclosure: I'll be there! Thanks to the PachangaFest team for the complimentary VIT passes. 

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