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Little Mexicos in the ATX

Have you ever noticed that you don't have to travel far to find good tacos, burritos, aguas, or enchiladas in Austin??? Well, that may be because Austin is still a relatively small city but it also helps that we have what I call "rinconcitos de antojitos" or "Little Mexicos." These rinconsitos are pockets throughout the city that have, as El Guapo used to say, "a plethora" of Mexican or Latino-based businesses to meet the needs of any "ay ay yay" consumer. These pockets are spread throughout the city where you can find good espicy eating, piñatas, quinceañera dresses, musica y musicos, panaderias y mas!

If you drive east of I-35 on Riverside or Cesar Chavez or even St. John's Avenue, you'll see what I'm talking about. See...

East Riverside Drive
East Riverside is the mecca of the taco trailers and Club Carnaval for those of you who like to sport your Ranchero - villas, botas y Bud Light! This area has one of the best tacos in town - check out Al Pastor while jur there.

East Cesar Chavez
First of all, the name says it all. You go to any city and get on Cesar Chavez estreets, you're guaranteed to find tacos. It's a known fact. Our Cesar Chavez street has piñatas, ranchero-wear stores, brinca brincas (moonwalks), & a slew of good restaurants. My favorite is Taqueria La Chapala. Try the tacos dorados. They good!

Flickr photo by Cheryl Coward

St. John's & Cameron Road
I've been going to this area for free chips, salsa & refried beans at Valle del Bravo, mega fruit cups & just this week I ate at Luviano's. Here's my tweetreview in 140 characters: Fajita taco - meat was tender , good spices; barbacoa even better - juicy, not too fatty - 1 corn tortilla per taco - skimpy; rating 3 stars. @elmundodemando

Barbacoa Taco at Luviano's

So is there a Little Mexico in your neighborhood? Tell us about it and we'll go check it out or we can even do a rinconcito meet-up!

Little Mexcicos - 5 Estrellas

Luviano's Mexican Restaurant - 3 Estrellas
7213 Cameron Road
Austin, TX 78752

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