Monday, November 17

Cook to Order Tacos

If you think blogging about tacos is hard work, you should try making them...for like 200 people! I didn't know what I was getting into when I agreed to make tacos for the $20,000 Dance Party. Ah, but it's for the kids, so definitely well worth it.

So my volunteer gig consisted of making "cook to order" tacos. I thought it would be a nice touch to make tacos on the spot instead of just letting them sit in a container that might keep them warm. I'm just saying...there had to be a betta way! So I took the disco that my Tio Santiago made for me to do just that - make tacos on the spot! The disco or "Mexican wok" is awesome; it's a metal tripod with a burner; you sit the actual disco on top and you're ready to cook up some of your favorite carnes or veggies!

The line up included El Mundo de Mando's Fried Egg Taco, the Ixchel Taco (inspired by la wife) and the Frijolero Taco. I had to nix the first one because the Ixchel & Frijolero kinda took over the taco making area and they morphed into one. So I ended up with a nice mix which became the hot taco of the night, the Ixchel Taco con refried beans. So what's in the Ixchel taco? Well, just a lot of good spiciness. I started with chicken, oregano, adobo spice then added corn, tomatoes, onions, rajas and cheese. And to top it off, I added the frijoles cooked with garlic & onions. Yeah, they were pretty good. I had a big ole line and the word spread about the Ixchel Taco far and wide. "Ay que rico" & "Can I have another one mister?" was heard throughout the night.

So if I had to rate myself, I would give me a 4.5. Hey, it was hard work and I have a pretty good pallet for good tacos!

But you don't have to take my word for it. Check out my "cook to order" tacos in action!

Anyone tried my tacos? What did ya'll think?

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judy said...

mmm, Ixchel taco...YUMMY! And I even had one as leftovers the next day...spicy and tasty! Wanna make lunch for us today Mando?