Friday, November 14

MCLOTA: Homecooking - Old Austin Style

Man Cannot Live On Tacos Alone (MCLOTA)

Is that true? I say no way jose pero I do enjoy a diversion from my taco-eating habit. So for breakfast today, I met up with Fred (el mero-mero at the Habitat Re-Store) to catch up on old times and how two Mezzicans were supposed to conquer the world. Didn't quite work out, but hey, at least we still have our nonprofit jobs, right?

We met at Dan's Hamburgers for breakfast. And let me tell ya, they gots one hellava breakfast menu! They gots gravy, eggs, omelettes, more mexicans (in the back, cookiando) and yes, even tacos. I ordered the biscuits and gravy with some huevos estrellados and a side of bacon. I do luv me some bacon! Fred had the omelette & toast. We agreed, this place is brown friendly. It must be the old-Austin diner feel to it and of course, the "just a bit greasy flavor" that keeps you warm all day. Very comforting, simple and delicious.

Then there was the diner coffee. You can't go wrong with a place that has good diner coffee. I don't care if it's Folgers or Nescafe (Ay veses me creo muy-muy con el coffee), if you can make a flavorful cup, then you gots my vote!

Nxt time you're in the mood for a good homestyle type breakfast, I suggest you go to Dan's Hamburger's on Airport Road. They good!

Tres Estrellas - El Mundo de Mando

Dan's Hamburgers
844 Airport Road
Austin, TX 78702


Chance said...

I love me some good biscuits and gravy.

alyssa said...

found your blog on accident but very happy I did. I never would of thought about eating breakfast at Dans but, thanks for showing me the light! what's your favorite taco place in Austin?

El Mundo De Mando said...

Welcome Alyssa! For good tacos in Austin I would start with Alayana's aka the magic taco box, valle del bravo & el taquito. They're all listed on our site. check them out, tell us what you think!