Monday, December 22

Zocalo or NO-calo!

So I finally broke down. I decided to give Zocalo a try. I've been hearing about the place since it opened in the West Lynn area. Here's my take...

Authenticity: Uuu-no. You're authentic-meter doesn't run high when you change the definition of a food; When I ordered the Carnitas taco the cashier asked me if I wanted pork or chicken. I'm not sure if they know that carnitas is pork meat. They included the chicken it in because it was pulled; That was their explanation. In that case, they should of gone with pollo desehbrado or somesing. Mibbe I'm too traditional with my carnes but one thing I do know is pork butt and that is carnitas!

Now that's one small taco!

Variety: Hmm? Yeah they did bring the variety factor. They had a good mix of tacos, platos burritos, flautas, tortas, huevos rancheros, posole & quesos. I did try the queso, it was good. I like the rajas that came with it.

Precios: Pshhh - No mames! Yeah, the prices are steep, expecially for a "taqueria" & thier portions are way small. The tacos were $3+ and were very small. They jack up the prices when you order a la carte. They are less expensive when you order the plates from the menu. See...$7.95 for the fajita taco plate; Empanada Plate $7.50; Huevos Rancheros $7.00. Oh, did I mention NO free chips and salsa? That's just not right!

Presentation: Uh huh! They did bring their A game for the presentacion. The food looked good, fresh and exciting to get your grub on!

Mira, Que Pretty!

Eh. The sabores were okay. They didn't stand out and just grab ya. It was a bit mediocre. For the prices they have I would expect something more y mas! oh well.

I know my TJ taco lover's thought it was good, considering it was west of dt. What about you? How do you rate the yuppie tacos?

Zocalo Cafe Taqueria Fresca - 2.5 Estars
1110 West Lynn
Austin, TX 78703

El Mundo de Mando


Monica said...

The sauces in the little bowls are cute. The meat looks a little dry. Lemme tell you: Nobody likes a little, dry taco. I can get that in a Lunchables.

Taco Man said...

I am so with you on the Carnitas thing. I really get annoyed when I go to a taqueria and they have a Cubano / Cuban Sandwich with your choice of meat. WHAT? My choice of meat? The Cubano sandwich is made with ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard, on pressed bread. Just call it a sandwich on pressed bread.


El Mundo De Mando said...

right on monica! who eats lunchables anyway???

you said it taco man. i gotta do one for the places that call their burrito bowls burrito bowls minus the burrito cuz it's just a bowl - no tortilla. ay guay!

mindy said...

gotta say, you've inspired me NOT TO BOTHER. :) maybe sometime. those chips and salsas look tasty, but then I *would* feel cranky paying for them.

El Mundo De Mando said...

totally. so why bother?

Anonymous said...

I thought I would put in a positive vote for this place. It kinda doesn't fit in with the theme of this blog. I've definitely had some good food there. Don’t write it off.

I usually agree with the all the TJ’s posts, especially concerning the overrating of El Chilito and Torchies.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say that this place serves WHOLE MILK and its passed off as "queso". God awful, tasteless, bland stuff all around.

ChristianZ said...

Where I live El Pollo Loco is starting to serve Chicken Carnitas tacos. Everyone I know is saying, "Don't they know carnitas means pork?" I eventually tried one of the tacos and I wasn't sure what to make of the meat. I couldn't tell if it was bad or good.

BTW, I run the website at and have linked to your site if you would like to reciprocate the link.