Monday, October 15

Domino's India: Taco Indiana Chicken

Indiana is not known for tacos
I'm currently on an extended trip to India on business.  Not surprisingly, I'm eating A LOT of Indian food.  And I'm finding a lot of counterparts to my usual diet of Mexican and Tex-Mex.  Roti is just an Indian Tortilla.  Dosas are kind of like Indian Burritos.  And Somosa's are kind of like Indian Empanadas.  Anyways, there are some similarities between the cuisine, even if the spicing is vastly different (and the choice of meats, or lack thereof).

Now, my Indian co-workers know I love tacos, even if they don't know what a taco is (I talk about tacos a lot).  So they thought I would be excited to hear that Domino's India is now serving them.  If you are thinking "WTF?", yeah, I thought the same thing.  But I couldn't resist.

When I got there, I discovered there are two choices of fillings: veg and chicken.  I ordered both.  Ten minutes later, my food arrived (in a small pizza box).  I'm not sure what they gave me, but it wasn't tacos.  It appeared that they took some pizza dough, put the toppings inside, put oil on it, folded it, and then baked it.  There was also an oozing white cream inside, which according to Domino's website, was apparently mozzarella cheese.  I would have guessed 'Ranch Salad Dressing.'

I sampled it and I wouldn't call it bad.  It was bafflingly mediocre.  It was greasy, hot, and confused.  It was a drawing of a tree by a blind man.  It was not a taco.

Domino's - 1 star - The Commish
Unit No 012B
Ground Floor, Tower B, Unitech Cyber Park, Sector 39
Gurgaon, Haryana, India


Anonymous said...

I should have read this before I ordered. I wept for the waste of my dinner money. And the fact that thousands of Indians will be sold the wrong idea ofMexican food. Someone from the mexican consulate must do something.

Wafna said...

"Indiana Taco" in itself sounds like the UEBER euphemism for something I wouldn't eat.

Eric said...

Omg, these bad boys look delish! I loves me some tacos :)

Anonymous said...

thanks! i was just about to order some.. Now I wont!

Unknown said...

I had it last evening.. It was a chicken sausage filling.
And just awesome, just go ahead and try this.. You will love that :)