Thursday, January 3

For crunchy fajitas, go here → El Nuevo Mexico Restaurant

I don't know about you but I love me some crunchy fajitas! Being from Texas, I have been known to make my carnies a little well done. In my later years, like now, I have learned to enjoy the more red, less cooked variety though. An old amigo turned me on to El Nuevo Mexico Restaurant. It's in a weird strip mall where Lamar and Anderson Lane meet. It's a simple and charming place, the kind you take your abuelita to on a Sunday morning (after Mass of course). I ordered the tacos al pastor and was into the "taco cousins" mood so I also went with fajita gorditas. I had their diner coffee. It was nice. I'm guessing it was either Nescafe or Folyers.

While I was waiting for la comidita I was hit with a *tortilla alert*tortilla alert*! Yup, the place makes fresh, hand-made corn and flour torts! In Austin that is hard to find. Most restaurants hang out con Los Lazies and buy them from a factory. Just kidding, they prally don't have an abuelita working at their shop or they just can't afford it. Aneejuays, here comes the food...

As soon as the fajita gordita got to the table I knew I was in for a treat! First off, the gordita masa was fresh, de maiz and lightly fried, not deep fried or on flour masa - the more traditional way. The fajita meat was crunchy on the outside yet tender on theee inside, with some nice peppery spices to give it a kick. Well just look at the photo down there. Yep, they good!

Of course, I was muy excited about the Al Pastor, especially with the fresh corn tortilla! Once I took a bite, I was like whaaaa happen to the trompo??? Yeah, I bit disappointing. I mean it was good but it left a dry after taste in my mouth. Okay, most places in Austin don't even do their Al Pastor on the trompo but this felt like the chanchitos were left sitting all by themselves in the corner of the comal for at least a day. Oh well, it was still good but not as good as I hoped. 

I didn't mention that I had some Ched - R - Peppers as Sonic likes to call them. They were real stuffed jalapeños (with seeds and all) that were also very tasty. I would definitely recommend El Nuevo Mexico and will probably try the Al Pastor again to try to redeem my experience with it. You should try it and while you're at it check out Canciones de Ayer with Mr. Louie! 

El Nuevo Mexico Restaurant - 3.5 Estars
911 West Anderson Lane
Closed until tomorrow 8:00 am - 9:00 pm (per their FB page)


Anonymous said...

Just want you to know that this is the best blog in the world.

Woff said...

I don't know where your critic eats these days, but, yeah 15 years ago, fresh handmade tortillas were difficult to find (I'm thinking specifically of the exception, Fonda San Miguel, on Hancock Drive), but now, thankfully, many places offer them.

Plus, the picture supposedly of a fajita taco us clearly a "gordita".

Despite the factual errors, enjoyed the report.

Mando Rayo said...

My Dearest Woff. Try reading again. The top pic is a gordita (duh!) and the bottom is a taco. That is all.