Monday, October 1

Da Real Tacos & Tequila

Yeah, we've been to that place but this is the real deal, straight outta East Austin and imported from Mexico just in time to celebrate Mexico's Indpendence Day - Ajuua! When we received a request to meet with the Master Distiller from Don Julio Tequila, I was like...hells yeah! I usaully don't do these "hey, food bogger, come try our food and write about us" type of invitations but this was different. It wasn't an egg roll trying to disguise itself as a taco...know what I mean?!? It was friggin' Don Julio, c'mon! So upped the invitation and recommended to pair it up with some good tacos.

We hit up Takoba, you may have heard of this place (well, especially you hipster types). It's one of the newest Mexican joints in East Austin. I like most of their tacos, their queso fundido is quite good (not for you velveeta cheesy types); it's a blend of oaxacan & monterrey jack cheesus, rajas de poblanos, chorizo and a little sumpin' they don't tell you about - goat cheese, which makes it taste lika butta in yo mouth! Most of their tacos are good too. They have a slow taste to them which reserves the carney juices. I like Takoba, it feels fresh, authentic, variety is good, from tacos to tortas, mostly hits than misses, plus they throw pretty good parties. I could stand for a less of a hipster scene and staff that thinks they're too cool for school cuz they serve hipsters. Yeah, it's kinda like that too.

So back to the tequila. Yeah, I took them up on the offer and the offer was good. We got a nice little tasting for a Tuesday afternoon. All expenses paid of course. This is my full disclosure.

In this very long Youtube video (just over 7 minutes!), I talk about tacos and Enrique De Colsa, Don Julio Tequila Master Distiller gives us his insights into the culture of tequila and some basics for you chugalugers.

As per usual, master photographer Joel Salcido took some amazing shots. Check them out in the video and slideshow.

Salud, my friends!

Takoba - 4 Stars - El Mundo de Mando
1610 East 7th Street
Austin, TX 78702

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