Wednesday, June 27

The World Famous El Mundo de Mando Fried Egg Taco

What can I say, I love huevos. Those of you who know me know that I gotta have my huevos, especially around 3am after a night of muchas cervezas. Well, y'know I don't do that buying? Aneejuays, una noche after many many tequilazos I created the Fried Egg Taco, I mean The World Famous El Mundo de Mando Fried Egg Taco! Yeah, that's betta. It takes a lot of skill and coordination to make this taco...less if you're sober. Well now it shall be revealed. At least I'm hoping to reveal the muy simple yet pinchi good recipe coming soon to a cookbook near you. Yes, the rumors are true. I am submitting the Fried Egg Taco recipe to the Austin Food Blogger Alliance cookbook. I just hope I make the cut. Meanwhile, El Mero Mero Photographero, Joel Salcido took some taco action shots and true to his nature, captured thee essence of thee smells of the ingredients of thee tacooooos! Mil gracias to Joel and wish us luck! Sheck it out homes...

Ay ay, mis manos, calientes! First and foremost you gotta have Mexican hands. Def: The ability to flip tortillas while cooking them on the stove...with your bare hands. You can also use this flippity floppity method to cool them off. 

Pelando el chile, etcetera etcetera...

Ah-huevo we gonna cook los huevos!

Fried Egg Taco. A simple & pinchi good taco! 

If you're waiting for the real recipe, (a) wait longer, (b) look at the photos or (c) see if this taco makes the cut in the Austin Food Bloggers Alliance cookbook!

Adios Amigos,

El Mundo de Mando


Bill said...

Now that looks muy awesome. It better make the cookbook.

Addie said...

Love it! I have no doubt that this will make the cut for the book. We're short on taco recipes, if you can believe it. Thanks for submitting the recipe!


Cornbiter Deluxe said...

That looks amazing!