Monday, January 19

Eating at Home: Medley of Taquitos

I like to cook, especially after a long weekend. It's relaxing & home cooking just tastes better. I dreamed up a medley of taquitos in a form of flautas. We just went shopping at the Wheatsville Co-op this weekend so we had plenty of grub. I actually do like this Wheatsville place; they have a good mix of fancy (organic) & not so fancy (canned jalapeños) foods & we also had a 10% off coupon. It's way better than Whole Foods because of the selection; at that place your choices are expensive & expensive.

Okay, back to my cookings...

I took out some of the organic chicken we bought & made it a la plancha stylez. I hooked it up with some lemon pepper seasoning, then added more pepper. Lately I've been into the whole slow cooking & it does turn out better. Next up was the camote aka sweet potato. I boiled some water, washed the sweet potato immensly, cut it up & threw it into the hot water. I let it cook for about 20 minutes for the softness factor. I strained the water out & added some butter, then used my bean smasher to smash the sweetness.

Organic Chicken todo cookiado, cut y con espices

After the chicken & sweet potatoes were ready, I pre-heated corn tortillas, stuff them separately, rolled them, then I lightly fried them in a pan. Hooked it up until they were golden brown or crunch-a-licious! I also did the same thing with some cheese I had to kill. Those ended up nice & gooey.

Ixchel grabbed some cilantro & serrano peppers from our garden & tan ta ra raaa! - chicken, sweet potato & cheese taquitos were done.

Taquitos by El Mundo de Mando Taco Factory

Of course, I thought they were great & so did Ixchel! By the way, did I mention that I couldn't tell the difference between organic chicken & the garden variety factory chicken?!?

El Mundo de Mando
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Jodi said...

That looks delicious! Next time, invite us to join you guys!!