Thursday, January 22

Mini-Taco Tour: El Primo & Mellizoz Tacos

Everyone loves taco tours even if it's just a mini one. That's what we did. A bunch of bloggers & food lovers got together to get our taco on last week. Jodi from Food Touring, Logan from Boots in the Oven, David, the Soup Peddler, Adam, Tom, Ixchel & I went to do a little taste testing. Check it out!

Mini Taco Tour from elmundodemando on Vimeo.


Jodi said...

I thoroughly enjoyed our mini taco tour and can't wait to do it again!

David Ansel said...

your video, it is kaput.

MLB said...

Just went to Izzo's today to see if they were a "3" and I have to agree. They are edible but not great. And, to be in the "old Torchy's" lot and have not great new style tacos with Torchy's green chili pork taco 200 feet down. Not for me.

That and the "chef" at Izzo's (self proclaimed) spent more time telling me about the local write-ups and chastising me for not coming sooner then he spent making my fru-fru tacos.

Thanks TJ for being right on as usual.

mortal888 said...

My wife and I went to Izzo's a few weeks ago and had a 5 1/2 star experience with the Lone Star tortas and pork tacos. We loved it so much that we drove across Austin to get it again the next weekend....much to our disappointment. It was a 2 star experience and we weren't sure we would even stop by there again.

The difference we saw was an older white haired man making the food the first time and a young man making the food the next time. One seems to have masterful skills and the other, well, sucks.

Anonymous said...

the star of the show at Izzoz is definitely the fried avocado. I eat WAY more tacos than your average person (i ate the whole menu at tacodeli in 3 weeks, 43 baby) and i must say that the fried avocado may be my favorite taco in austin at the moment. if you've gone to izzoz and not had it, you havent been to izzoz in my opinion.