Monday, January 19

Cafe Hornitos

Shortly after Hornitos opened, Jarod and I visited and were very, very disappointed in what the place had to offer. We gave it the dreaded 'Avoid' rating.

There have been comments on that post that suggest that the food has improved, so I've been back a few times to investigate.

The table salsa has improved significantly. It is now solidly average, whereas before, it was very, very poor.

I tried the carne guisada taco plate, and was reasonably satisfied with it. It was a little bit expensive, and the quisada was a touch on the thin and bland side, but certainly not terrible.

On my most recent trip I tried the El Jay plate, which is their version of the deluxe mexican dinner with crispy taco, chili con queso and cheese enchiladas with rice and beans. It was $10 which is a touch on the high side for a deluxe dinner, but not entirely out of bounds.

The queso was tasty, and the crispy taco was fine, but far from spectacular. The rice and beans were also unremarkable, but serviceable.

The cheese enchiladas, however, continue to be g.d. AWFUL. I mean, I wouldn't eat these things again with YOUR mouth. God. The rolled tortillas were tough, the gravy was thin and ugly tasting, and there was very little in the way of cheese inside or chunks of meat in the gravy.

So, in short, Hornitos seems to have improved from a dreadful place with some average moments to an average place with some dreadful moments. In a town with as much fine mexican food on offer as Austin, I'd still be hard pressed to recommend this place to anyone.

Hornitos - 1.5 stars - Cornbiter Deluxe
3704 N I H 35
(512) 524-4195

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Anonymous said...

I really like the place. it has the best food in the area and the service was amazing. even thought my waiter was new, he still treated me the best. and was very patient with us. so in conclusion i strongly disagree with all the bad comments. try the place.