Thursday, January 15


I've visited Angie's at their old location near 7th and IH35 many times, as it was a favorite weekend breakfast spot for my wife and I and our friends. They've since moved up the street so Jarod, Mando and I decided to visit the new location and see how it stacks up.

Angie's still specializes in an authentic, no-frills style of Tex-Mex that I happen to be a big fan of. There is hot, flavorful salsa. There is thick, hearty comino gravy. There is american cheese. There are fried homemade corn tortillas. There is grease. It's not for everyone, but for those who dig it, old school Tex-Mex is a singular sensation.

In my previous experience, Angie's has delivered this kind of no-nonsense fare with aplomb. The migas and cheese enchiladas have especially been favorites of mine. I decided I would explore the new location somewhat differently by seeing how they delivered in an even more basic category. Tacos.

I had three tacos: fajita, potato bean and cheese, and carne guisada. The flour tortillas were pretty much run of the mill; store bought and grilled enough to make them edible. A bit more time on the grill would have been better.

The fajitas were tender and flavorful with a bit of nice grilled onion and pepper. They didn't have the profound beefy flavor of a truly top notch fajita, but were definitely above average. The table salsa was vinegary, spicy and delicious, and it added a nice kick to the taco.

The carne guisada taco was enjoyable. The gravy was nice and thick, which is always a plus with me, and the meat was very tender and toothsome. The potato bean and cheese taco was a mild disappointment. The potatoes were not hot enough, and a bit on the chewy side. The refried beans were nothing special, though certainly not bad.

The service was a little scattered during the busy lunch hour when we visited. I wouldn't recommend it for lunch when you are in a hurry.

My experience ordering tacos at Angie's was a good one, but on future trips I will go back to the tex-mex specialities that I know from previous trips to be solid there: migas, cheese enchiladas with chili con carne sauce and beef crispy tacos in homemade corn tortillas.

Angie's - 3 stars - Cornbiter Deluxe
1307 E 7th St, Austin, TX‎
(512) 476-5413‎

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