Monday, April 6

Joey Fulcher, the King of Taco Eating!

Quien es mas macho? Well, that's Joey Fulcher but everyone brought their macho taco on for Open Door Preschool's Taco Eating Contest this weekend. There was a total of 16 contestants & they all took those tacos down, one by one. In the end, the taco eaters had to eat the most tacos in 15 minutes & Mr. Joey took the prize of King of the Tacos; yeah, he ate 26 of them. Word on the estreet is that he also won a pizza eating contest?!? Joey, you earned that golden taco trophy & free bottle of Pepto Bismol!

In case you missed it. I took some video of the taco eating. So now for your viewing pleasure....a whole 60 seconds of taco eating!

And some taco pics...

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