Monday, February 2

Food photography by Penny de los Santos

Last weekend I organized a Taco Safari (more on that later-later) with some friends & Tweeps. One of them was famous (en elmundodemando) photographer Penny de los Santos. She does some amazing photography and mixes travel, culture, la gente and food, of course. Her clients include Saveur, National Geographic, Newsweek, Latina, Texas Monthly & now elmundodemando & TacoJournalism! She just started blogging so check out her new blog at

Now check out the beauty of tacos...

Tacos Al Pastor con Piña at El Taquito

Crunchy Al Pastor at Rosita's Al Pastor

elmundodemando takes tacos serious; this time it's personal!

Saucy styles at El Primo

Rene & Rochelle order at Rosita's Al Pastor



El Mundo De Mando said...

I had to post this comment by one of my new amigos on Latinos who Twitter.

Went to your website and saw "Food photography by Penny de los Santos" and I have to say the photography is outstanding. All we need now to complete the experience is the aroma of the food. I also went to Penny's website and viewed her work and have to say I'm impressed with her credentials. Thanks, Manny.

just a girl... said...

awesome blog. I live here in austin and this was needed.

El Mundo De Mando said...

thanks for the visit!