Monday, February 2

Taqueria Arandinas

Taqueria Arandinas is a Jalisco Style joint on the northbound frontage road of IH35 just south of 290. The fact that it's a 30 second drive from perennial fave Jalisco purveyors Funny Shape Taqueria has relegated it to a rarely visited status.

It's really a shame, because Arandinas is solid. On my most recent trip I went with a trio of Jalisco Style favorites: a fajita quesadilla, a taco al pastor and a torta cubana de milanesa.

The torta cubana was really, really good. I love milanesa, but it can be on the greasy side, and that was not the case at Arandinas. The breaded beef was tender and delicious, and the overall effect when teamed up with the mild white cheese and thin slice of grilled ham was delightful.

The taco al pastor was also a winner. The marinated grilled pork had a nice bitey texture and tasted quite good. The red table salsa went very well with this taco. There were a couple of gnarly fatty pieces in there that I needed to remove, though I usually look past that if the taco is good. Your mileage may vary.

The quesadilla was on the unremarkable side. It was could have been a bit more cooked on the outside, and the cheese/fajita ratio was a little heavy on the cheese sided. Not great, but far from bad.

Overall, I'd say Taqueria Arandinas is a very competent purveyor of jalisco style food, and like most of it's peers, is hard to beat in the value per dollar dept.

Taqueria Arandinas - 3 stars - Cornbiter Deluxe
1011 Reinli St

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