Saturday, August 30

Is the Sandwich the Gringo version of the Taco?

I don't know. This morning, I woke up pondering that very same question. Is the sandwich the gringo taco? Hmmm. Lot's of things to think about this morning. I even googled some sandwich blogs but couldn't find anything. What do you think?

El Mundo de Mando


jarod said...

I do think the sandwich started out as the white man's taco. Just as the empanada is the South American version of a taco and the crepe is the French man's taco or pirogues in Russia or gyros/falafel in Mediterranean culture.

Take a starchy meat holder, add meat,'s universal. Down here is Texas we just got lucky and ended up next to our Latino brothers who put wonderful spiced meats in conveniently hand-sized tortillas. Stay hungry, my friends!

Anonymous said...

The taco is not beholden to any specific ethnicity. I'm white, don't like sandwiches, and eat an extraordinary number of tacos.

Anonymous said...

you and that sandwich sure know how to live united.

El Mundo De Mando said...

yeah, we do! and yes, the taco is quite worldly. everyone eats and loves tacos!

Taco On Brothers & Sistas!


Anonymous said...

What about tortas? Is it a gringo imitation? or is the sandwich different but also universal in its own right. (I also saw this Vietnamese spot on N lamar that sells vietnamese style subs that are still very vietnameseie--cheap too)