Wednesday, August 6

La Boda de Mando - Viva el Amor

Attention Ladies - get your pillows to cry in, because El Mundo de Mando is off the market! That's right, our beloved journalist El Mundo de Mando was married this weekend to Ixchel, his vegetarian, taco-loving better half.

Ixchel & El Mundo de Mando

Now, let me be the first to introduce you to Mr. Taco, Viva el Amor's official mascot (and adult dance-off co-champion)! How could this wedding get any better?

Mr. Taco w/ Flower Girls

You may be asking yourself, what does a self-respecting taco journalist serve at his wedding? Tacos, of course! TJ favorite Mi Madre's catered the party and they showed up in full effect. They loaded us up with paposas, tamales, queso, al pastor & fajita tacos, and those amazing refried beans. They also had a nice selection of escabeche, fruit, salads and ice cold horchata. Libations, you ask? Well, in addition to the multiple kegs of Mexican beer and mucho vino, there was a dizzying array of Tequilas, including the appearance of a beautiful bottle of Don Julio 1942. ¡Que Rico! And no one missed the wedding cake when they brought out the industrial fryer and made batches of churros and sopapillas. Oh, and don't forget the Paletro that showed up after dinner with my new favorite ice cream bar, a nanche leche paleta. Think walnuts and sweet cream on a stick.

Mi Madres!

Viva el taco and more importantly, viva el amor. Good luck Mando and Ixchel, Don't stop believin'!

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