Saturday, March 8

Argentina's Tofu Tacos (for all you veggie heads!)

I guess there is a first time for everything. Here I am writing about non-carne tacos! It doesn't help that my fiance is a veggie head and so Is her mom, Argentina. So after a hard days work on my yard, I came into our casita and saw something that looked ridiculously good!

Tortillitas y Tofu al Comal

That's homemade tortillas and some tofu square thingies. First thing I smelled was goodness. I couldn't figure out what it was but I didn't care. I had to have one of these tofu tacos! Little did I know the great taste came from a zany! combinacion de tofu (that's tofu in English!), peanut butter, una salsita y una chelita-Tecate. Crazy. It was so good I had to write about it and give y'all the recipe.....Oh wait a minute...this just in! Argentina is still working on perfecting the recipe so I can not reveal it today. Estay tuned.....

Argentina's Tofu Tacos - 5 Estrellas!

El Mundo de Mando


Stephen Gutknecht said...

This available yet?! Must have.

Anonymous said...

Am looking for a really good tofu taco recipe and this looks promising. Please add the recipe soon! Caroline in Helotes