Thursday, March 7

Austin Taco Map: Eat these tacos at SXSW

Well hello SXSW. I know you love tacos so consider this a solid. With this Austin Taco Map, you can enjoy the tastiest tacos (40+ taco joints!) in Austin, Tejas, completely approved by this TacoJournalist. Sorry but if you're looking for gringo tacos, trendy or the touristy variety, this ain't that kinda list. So enjoy my friends and make sure you tag @TacosofTexas on the Insta as you devour these amah-zing Austin tacos.

Stay hungry my friends,
Mando, the Taco Journalist

The Real Deal Holyfield Brisket Breakfast Taco

Hand-made Carne Asada tacos - Estilo Rio Grande Valley

Battered bacon, eggs and beans
Breakfast Taco Heaven! 

Bistec all the way! 
Tacos Guerrero

Best Migas Taco in town!

Blackened Fish Tacos
Also see Chori-Migas taco

Slow Rider
Mellizoz Tacos
Braised Beefy goodness!

Taco Azteca
Pueblo Viejo 

Tacos Al Pastor
Mi Tradicion Panaderia
Tacos Al Pastor Enchilado (Extra spicy!)

Tacos al Pastor from the Trompo!
Rosita’s Al Pastor 

Carnitas Taco
Also see breakfast taco Number 0

A whole lotta crispy tacos! 
La Cocina de Consuelo
Also see breakfast burritos

Tacos de hongos y rajas **Veggie Alert** 
Papalote Taco House
Also see Taco de Coliflor!

Fajitas Ranchera Tacos - Muy Espicy!
Habanero Mexican Restaurant 

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