Monday, February 11

Make Tacos the Official Food of Texas!

Let's unite all cities across Texas and make tacos the official food of Texas! Whether you grew up in Texas or you got here as soon as you could, you’re probably eating tacos. In Texas, people eat tacos on a weekly basis. Hell, tacos were here before Texas was Texas.

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Texas State Rep. Gina Hinojsa filed Bill HCR 57 and we're working to get Texas taco cities and taco lovers to unite and support our taco bill.

From El Paso to Texarkana, from Texline to Brownsville, from the Rio Grande to the Red River, Texans consume a lot of tacos, and most of the other foods Texans enjoy, including brisket, sausage, eggs, chorizo, beans, and seafood, are that much better when served in the warm embrace of a tortilla; and love such choices as pork al pastor, beef barbacoa, and chicken fajita, korean bbq & trompo with lots and lots of salsa!

RESOLVED, That the 86th Legislature of the State of Texas hereby designate tacos as the official state food of Texas.

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Mando Rayo
Taco Journalist

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