Wednesday, June 15

Taco Art Installation at Mexic-Arte (Friday)

So I just heard about a cool taco art installation happening this Friday at Mexic-Arte. Sounds cool, plus they'll be serving up some fancy tacos too! Stop by if ya can. I'll be there with la familia in tow.

Taco Art Performance Piece
Young Latino Artists 16: Thought
Cloud. The piece is by Jorge Galvan, a Houston-based sculptor, and he’ll be serving tacos as part of the piece.

Thought Cloud Public Reception
Friday, June 17


Teresa Carbajal Ravet said...

Will Gordo's Tacos be represented? He's out on Hwy 290 West toward Drippin'.

Torchy's Tacos said...

Any photographic goodies of the event?

Mando Rayo said...

@Teresa - it was just one artist representin' himself.

@Torchy's - we posted some photos on our Twitter stream.

It was aight.