Thursday, June 2


This post is an update on our original rave review of Taqueria Jaliscienses, aka "Funny Shape Taqueria".

As stated in the original review, this is a favorite restaurant of mine. The big news is that in the last year, they've started serving homemade flour tortillas. I've waxed on at about the superiority of freshly made flour tortillas as often as I've lamented the ubiquity of store bought in this town.

I loved the Funny Shape Taqueria dearly when they used store bought tortillas. They took care with the preparation of them, and in a town that puts little thought into it, they were still ahead. Now that they're making their own, they have become a place that must be on everyone's list of the best mexican restaurants in town. As far as Jalisco Style goes, I think this upgrade makes them the clear favorite.

The photo show the newly upgraded tortilla in it's natural habitat: hanging out with the Tuesday lunch special. "Flat Chicken Tuesday" is an excellent time to try this place. It is really, really hard to get a better plate of food for $5.50.

Taqueria Los Jaliscienses - upgraded to 5 stars
Cornbiter Deluxe

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