Monday, October 22

I love my new Local! - Taqueria Arandas #2

I recently moved from the East Side of Austin, where tacos are abundant and I knew the taco terrain very well, to South Austin where my taco knowledge is very limited. So when I realized my new 'local' taqueria was an Arandas, I was pumped. I have been to #3 on Burnet and #5 on S.1st many times and loved them so I was hoping #2 lived up to the Arandas reputation. Since this is my local taqueria I may be a little biased, but I assure you Taqueria Arandas #2 does Jalisco style Mexican food very well.

As with all good Jalisco style joints they knock the basics out of the park. Good pastor, good fajita, good salsa,and fresh produce. It all goes a long way as consistency is important and these guys are always on point. My favorite dishes at Arandas are the Al Pastor & Al Carbon tacos and the Fajita Burrito. The tacos are served on a double stack store bought tortillas and served with finely diced cilantro and white onions, nice. The burrito is served in a hot & crispy flour tortilla and has a certain gooey texture that complements the tortilla. Viva Arandas!

So, what's your local taqueria?

Taqueria Arandas #2 - jarod - 4.5 stars
2038 W Stassney Ln
Austin, TX 78745
(512) 448-4771


The Commish said...

I like this Arrandas, a lot, but DO NOT ORDER the chicken.

Cornbiter Deluxe said...

IMHO, it is a mistake to order chicken at ANY Jalisco Style Taqueria. I guess I forgot to mention that in my Jalisco Style primer.

The Commish said...

Apparently, as it relates to chicken, Jalisco-style means "grisly, dry nastiness".

Anonymous said...

Do another review. I used to live in the same 'hood and it was my favorite. I stopped by last night. The pastor was really dry and I like a few more onions on my tacos. The salsa knocked it out of the park though. GOOD STUFF!

ScooterScoop said...

I'm gonna take the family out there... but I wonder if they do enchiladas. My wife doesn't to beef or pork and as advised, I'll steer her clear of the chicken.

Jneece said...

Scooter - They do a nice cheese enchilada and also try and steer your wife towards the avocado tacos and tostadas. They are excellent!