Friday, October 26

Jorge's Restaurant - Tacos vs. the Chandeliers

I don't know what I liked the most from Jorge's Restaurant; the tacos or the fancy Chandeliers. Tough choice but you can't eat chandeliers.

I had the Barbacoa taco and the Hatch Chicken Chile taco. Both were pretty good. The tortillas were halfway grilled and lightly fried, I couldn't tell, but they're good! The Barbacoa tasted nice and fresh with thick onions and cilantro. I was surprised they had Hatch Chile, which I love! So I had to try the chicken taco with the New Mexico flava. The chicken was shredded, with good spices and above the Hatch, it was topped with sauteed onions and tomatoes. They also had two good salsas; one for the tame and the other for the ones who love a challenge. I liked the spicier green salsa; it was a great balance with the thick, "homemade style" tortilla chips. Luckily, I was there for hours and was able to "hacer hambre" with some cold cervezas!

fancy chandeliers

When I walked into Jorge's I was blown away by the "fancy chandeliers" across the bar and throughout the restaurant. It gives the the place an old school and "homey doncha know me" feel to it. An added flava was the live music - a few guys from O Positivo were playing. So yes, I enjoyed Jorge's. Good food, ambiente, chips and salsa, cervezas and live music!

Go check it out!

Jorge's Restaurant - 4 Estrellas - El Mundo de Mando
2203 Hancock
Austin, TX 78758

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Anonymous said...

4 stars? Really? My experience was about a 1.5 and that's stretching it. The salsa was horrible. The cheese enchilada dinner was adequate. I felt like I could have made the same meal at home and it would have been way better.