Monday, June 18

AVOID: Taqueria Arandas #1 on E. 7th

So far, we've mostly reviewed old favorites, and some new places that have blown us away. That being the case, you might thing we love every taco we've ever come across. You'd be wrong about that, brother.

This post will be the first of many in our 'AVOID' series. If we eat a bad taco somewhere, you'll never need to.

Today's subject is Taqueria Arandas #1 on E. 7th. It recently moved from a quite unpleasant concrete building out east of Pleasant Valley to a very weird building a little closer to town on E. 7th. I think it may have been a Golden Fried Chicken at some point.

In any case, AVOID. While Taquerias Arandas #3 and #5, on Burnet Road and S. 1st Street respectively, are two of the best Jalisco Style joints in town, #1 has been a consistent bummer. Cold tacos, stale chips, gross gristly bits in the al pastor and the fajitas, you name it.

We just thought you all should know.

Taqueria Arandas #1 - 1 star - Corbiter Deluxe


Anonymous said...

And that's the original location. That and the Stars Inn used to be THE places to go for grub afterhours, as they (Arandas) remained open until 5:00 AM every Sat and Sunday (only you had to order in Spanish.) Says a lot about the second generation of Arandas', who are currently opening locations all over central Texas.

Anonymous said...

As a regular at Arandas #3, I expected the same from the 7th street location. What a disapointment! Everything that makes the Burnet Rd store a bargain translates here as a big question mark. You wonder how they can keep the same name.

Anonymous said...

I concur. This place continues to blow. I live close, and have been there three times since its first week in business.
I was looking fwd to having an Arandas sorta close, but couldn't believe it was the same family after my first visit.
Nice staff, but the place is TRULY weak. Even the cops quit eating there, for free.
The taco truck across the street from Aranda's #1, whips its ass!


Anonymous said...

It used to be a popeyes I was sad when it closed agreed gross food