Friday, June 22

Abarrotes Mexicanos Taqueria

Abarrotes Mexicanos

Cornbiter, Mando and myself decided to check out Abarrotes Mexicanos today. El Mundo de Mando was a short distance from the taqueria so we decided to stroll over and see what kind of tacos we could get into today. It's located on the corner of Tillery & Lyons in the Boggy Creek neighborhood and Mando informed us that the place is packed on mornings and weekends when they serve their popular breakfast tacos and migas dishes. The taqueria itself is part convenience store, part bus depot, and part taqueria. We were there for the taqueria part today, and were we very impressed.

Picadillo & Puerco guisada Tacos

The tacos are served at the back of the store, cafeteria style. You just poke your head over the ordering station and see what looks good. I decided to take Mando's suggestion and go for a puerco guisada and a picadillo taco. They were both served on very fresh, hot off the griddle, store bought flour tortillas and the tacos themselves had very generous portions of meat. The pork was a really delicious, stewy filling with tons of chiles and nice chunks of tender pork. The red salsa that accompanied the tacos wasn't a perfect companion, but was a nice addition. The picadillo was moist and spicy with large wedges of boiled potatoes and the red salsa was right at home on top of the mixture. We topped it all off with a Mexican coke and a homemade praline, all for under $6.

I highly recommend Abarrotes Mexicanos for its homey feel, friendly service and delicious taco fillings.

Abarrotes Mexicanos Taqueria - 4 stars - jarod

I had three tacos.

The fajita taco was different from most in town. The meat was heavily spiced, and very lean. I really enjoyed it, though it was a touch dry, and would have been helped by some cheese or crema.

The puerco guisada was good, but it did not blow my head off the way I was hoping for. The carne guisada, however, was phenomenal. Tender and delicious, it's easily as good as Porfirio's, making it tied for my favorite carne guisada in town. Next time I'll get a couple of carne guisada, bean and cheese tacos.

Abarrotes Mexicanos Taqueria - 3.75 stars - Cornbiter Deluxe
901 Tillery
Austin, TX  78702
Hours: Mon.-Sat., 7am-7pm

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