Thursday, August 3

Nobody CAN like a MexiCAN! #RevolucionBeer

By now, some of you may have huuurd about our taco beer - Revolución Saison Ale, a collab with Independence Brewing. Yeah, we're taking the tacos to a whole 'nother level ya'll! We had a big blow out pari at IndyBrewing with all the tacos, we introduced it to SA and guess what? They like it, expect for the group of teachers that prefer light beer. :/ Anyjuays. You can get your Revolución at you local HEB, checka the list of Texas stores aquí. Read up on why Revolución is the perfect complement to your carnitas, carne asada and even tacos al pastor on Food and Wine. Oh yeah, we fancy like dat!

Also checka the world premiere of Nobody CAN like a MexiCAN. Get it, get it??? Bwaahaha!

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