Monday, April 25

Texas Standard: How we mix cultures to make great tacos

The Texas Standard asks, "When does a taco stop being a taco?" I say NEVER! As long as there are warm corn or flour tortillas, we will always have tacos. In the latest segment of my #tacotalk with David Brown of the Texas Standard, we talk about veggie, chapulines, Korean BBQ, Farm to Table and how we mix cultures to make great tacos.

Korean BBQ Tacos by Tacoholics in El Paso
Photo by Marco Torres
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Brian said...

I agree...I love how much people debate the "it's a taco" or anything related to food.

The name is merely a describer of the general type of food it's going to be in my opinion. I want a shell with some delicious topping...taco!

And if I'm feeling it, maybe a little margarita at someplace like Jacoby's or Peached Tortilla :).

Mando Rayo said...

Thanks Brian. I concur on the taco + margarita. :)