Saturday, January 16

Undercover Tacos

We don't need no stinkin' taco stand! So where do you go to uncover comida casera or in this case, homemade tacos?!? There's a place you may have heard about. It's commonly known as El Face or Feizbuk except to find these tacos, you have to dig deep into the groups of FB. Instead of using FB to connect with friends and family, there's a different way of using it, more like a Craigslist or an online flea market. Oh yeah, you can find deals on kids clothes, cars, grills and yes, homemade tacos.


But of course, you have to know a bit of taco-speak, el Español and you have to gain the trust of the taco ladies selling the tacos. Usually, you'll get directed to a number where you can text the location of the tacos or a taco corner and in Austin, it'll be right around IH-35 and Rundberg Lane.

So if you want that real homemade taco experience, sometimes you'll have meet the taco lady in the parking lot of the IRS building, gas station or in front of her porch. But this is nothing new, Mexicans and taco hustlers have been doing this since the beginning of time. You see that in Mexico, along the border towns in Texas and barrios of Northeast Austin. And what you get is a home cooked meal by somebody's Mom, Tia or Abuelita and that's all good in my book. 

So yes, I did enjoy my #UndercoverTacos + you get the extras (zanahorias y cebollitas) and that great homemade taste! 

So good luck in your search for that comida casera cuz that's something I'll just keep to myself for obvious reasons. Stay hungry my friends. 


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