Friday, May 1

Los Tacos de Chicago - Pilsen/La Villita Edition

So y'know every time I travel I'm always on the taco hunt. A few weeks ago I was in Chi-town and of course I was drawn to the Mexican barrios to discover the taco scene in Pilsen and La Villita. With a little help from Chicago's own Titus Ruscitti of @TweetsofTacos, we hit it, the tacos, the barrios, the beers! Here's the taco piece I wrote for Remezcla...

Remezcla: 6 Essential Tacos To Try In Chicago’s Pilsen And La Villita Neighborhoods
Sepping into Chicago’s Pilsen and La Villita neighborhoods is like transporting yourself to Mexico; you can feel culture hit you through chatter of the streets, the endless tienditas and taquerias, the Mexican families going to work or taking their kids to school, and the coffee snobs enjoying their morning lattes and cafecitos.

The day’s tally was a total success:

  • 2 espressos
  • 1 visit to the National Museum of Mexican Art
  • 10 sweet mural sightings
  • 6 taquerias
  • 1 tortilleria
  • 14 tacos
  • 5 beers and 2 whiskeys (at a bar that, by day is packed with paisas, and by night, with hipsters); and
  • last but certainly not least: 1 best friend moment with Jorge, El Rey del Al Pastor!

Read the full story aquí! 

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