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The Go-to Tex-Mex dishes in Austin

Tex-Mex, it's its own food group in Texas. From the cheese, to the queso, the Velveeta and sometimes the government kind, Tex-Mex is uniquely Tejano. Rooted in Mexican but somehow the queso took over and while most die hard Mexicans would dis-own it, we in Texas, well we love it! In Austin, Tex-Mex has been a thing since vaqueros and cowboys shared their first breakfast taco! For Eater Austin, I did a round-up of Tex-Mex dishes in Austin and be warned, if you lost your queso edge or if you make your staff make "guacamole at the table" you're not on this lista!

For the full listing including map, locations & sexy Tex Mex-y, click aqui for the 10 Classic Tex Mex Dishes in Austin.

Habanero's Mexican Cafe
Beef Fajita Ranchera
The fajitas rancheras are the bomb! Prepared al mesquite style, add plenty of spices and jalapeños and you got one of the best fajitas in town.

Matt's El Rancho
Bob Armstrong Dip (Queso)
Yeah that queso has been flowing in Austin for over 50 years now. If you wanna have some Velveeta dreams then I suggest the Bob Armstrong Dip topped with guac and ground beef or if you wanna double down, add the smoked brisket!

Amaya's Taco Village
Crispy Beef Tacos
A staple in Tex-Mex, the crispy taco doesn't get better than ground beef, pico and cheese. These are crispy tacos that haven't lost their crispy edge.

El Azteca
Cabrito Plate - Where do Tejanos eat cabrito? In McAllen and East Austin. What can I say about the cabrito? It pretty much tastes like cabrito. It's a crispy like carnitas and tender like beef and with a hint rancho flavor. For you city slickers, just dip it in the warm red salsa that it comes with to ease off the rancho.

Joe's Bakery
Carne Guisada Plate
One of my favorite spots in Austin. The carne guisada is sweet, tender, gravy-licous. Be warned, this carne's sweetness comes from pork rather than the more traditional beef.

Migas Taco
One of the last East Austin icons left standing. They've been dodging ghosts, developers and hipsters over the last few years. I'm glad I can still go and get myself a Migas taco with buttery biscuits of course. This is an easy cheesy, no frills Migas taco and hits the spot every time.

Enchiladas y Más
Beef Enchiladas
Nothing says says Tex-Mex like "hot plate -  hot plate!" Let's just cook the whole plate in the oven and hope you don't get burned while you're eating the cheesy, beefy enchiladas. All you gotta do is let it simmer down and don't forget the raw onions!

La Fuente's
Super Nachos con Beef Fajita
I'm more of a let's pile the tortilla chips on the plate and add the fixin's type of guy. I don't know who doesn't eat messy nachos, expect for those that like their guacamole made at their table! La Fuente's follows up the messy with crispy fajita and layers and layers of guac, pico and all the lettuce in the world!

Mi Madre's
Migas Plate
Another hit in the breakfast category. The Migas plate keeps the Mexican in Tex-Mex with a kick. Nothing like fresh jalapenos and onions and still crispy tortilla chips in your huevos.

Dart Bowl Cafe
Enchiladas with fried eggs
What's better than eating enchiladas with fried eggs while getting a little tipsy and bowling?!? Absolutely nothing! The Dart Bowl enchiladas are a guilty pleasure with the extra greasy enchis, served with fried eggs on a fajita-style dish. Plus you get to hangout with the senior citizens.

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