Wednesday, October 29

Bon Appétit Magazine: Taco Tips from The Taco Man

When Bon Appétit Magazine calls for taco advice, well, we deliver! So check out the cool story on the Austin taco scene in the November issue of Bon Appétit!

Excerpt from Taco Town USA: Where to Find the Best Tacos in Austin
Ask a Local: The Taco Man

No one has eaten more tacos than Mando Rayo, co-author of Austin Breakfast Tacos and the man behind the blog We can all learn from the guy.

1. You roll a burrito, flauta, and enchilada. You fold a taco.

2. Avoid college tacos, which consist of overcooked eggs, too much cheese, and a cold tortilla.

3. It’s always a good time to eat a taco. Just make sure you’re not the first (the griddle needs time to
become seasoned) or last (how long has the meat been sitting out?).

4. If you’re a taco rookie, skip the ground-beef taco and start with a pollo al carbon (grilled chicken) or an al pastor (spit-grilled pork).

5. Do eat tacos from Mexican, Asian, BBQ, and even American restaurants, but never, ever from a fastfood chain.

6. Always eat with your hands.

7. Spend $2–$3 per taco. Don’t pay $6 for one taco in Austin—or NYC.

8. You know you’re eating at an authentic joint if:
-The taqueria is next to a garage or Laundromat.
-More than half of the diners are Latino.
-You have to order in Spanish.
-The TV is blaring Sábado Gigante or fùtbol.
-The family next to you is dressed to the nines.
-The staff gives you a blank stare when you ask for a vegetarian option.
-The aguas frescas are plentiful, colorful, and flowing!