Friday, April 25

Taco Intervention with El Mayor Lee Leffingwell (video)

Taco Cabana?!?!? Stop the tortilla presses! Yeah that was Mayor Lee Leffingwell's breakfast taco of choice when asked on Reddit's AMA. As soon as I found out (face palm) I knew El Mayor needed a taco intervention. So I tweeted and offered him a free, I repeat free copy of our book, Austin Breakfast Tacos: The Story of the Most Important Taco of the Day and Mayor Leffingwell graciously accepted my offer. This week, I picked up some of the best breakfast tacos in Austin (Veracruz All Natural), my friend Greg Hughs came out with a camera and helped document this Taco-education and we stormed City Hall and performed our taco intervention! 

I know ya saw it on the onlines and KUT and NPR but now you witness the taco intervention in all it's glory. Checka da video! 

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