Saturday, February 15

Arriba Juarez!! Los Cuervos Flauteria

If empanadas are taco cousins, then flautas are taco broders? Why yes they are. Linda Medina, the Queen of El Paso living in Austin first told me about Los Cuervos Flauteria. If you're from the
El Paso area, y'know good Mexican food, menudo, chile rellenos and flautas from the mercado in Juarez. When she told me about the Juarez style flautas I had to make a special trip aaall the way to Kyle, Texas. And it was a trek, dayaam it was further than Buda!

Mi amiga Jennifer Harris and I met up at Los Curvos and for me it was an opportunity to show a different style to what we usually see in dees parts - Tex-Mex, Regional Mexican styles vs. Border style Mexican food. See in our part of Texas, we mix the Texan, Mexican and New Mexican styles. We do chile rellenos with Anaheim or long green Chile Verde (yeah Poblanos can suck it!), our enchiladas are stacked, not rolled, our red chile sauce is thicker, earthier y picoso and we eat our Menudo with pan frances or bolio bread, toasted with butter. Don't get started on the tacos!

Of course, we ordered a plethora de todo! We had the flautas, menudo con pan tostado and a burrito de chile relleno con frijoles. Biting into the crispy flautas, soaking the pan into the Menudo and pulling the melty cheesy from the burrito took me back home, going to Juarez, eating at the mercado, hanging with my cousin practicing our breakdancing routines and going to the "tardeadas." Yeah they used to open the clubs to the pre-teens on Sunday afternoons so we could get our dance-on in the Juarez strip. Afterwards, we would have taquitos de tripitas de gato. Well, some of them tasted like that. :/ Anyjuaays, the owner and I got to talking about how all food is regional and when you subsitute ingredients you lose some of the sabores and authenticity. So I was glad to hear that they bring in their chiles y otro ingredients from El Paso/Juarez.

Walking in, they actually had me at JuanGa! As soon as we stepped into Los Cuervos, Juan Gabriel was playing in the background. JuanGa is one of Mexico's treasures, a ranchero slash pop singer. Yeah real Mexican men listen to JuanGa!

Taking me back in time did a trick on me. What they're doing is cooking up simple Mexcian food done right and for that I'll drive aaall the way to Kyle, TX again.

Los Cuervos Flauteria - 4 Estrellas - El Mundo de Mando

607 W Center St
Kyle, TX 78640

And now for your enjoyment, some JuanGa y Arriba Juarez!!!!

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Anonymous said...

WHERE did they go?! I need my flauta and menudo fix! :(