Sunday, February 24

That Green Sauce that Austin Loves!

You may know it as the green creamy sauce at El Pollo Rico or Rosita's Al Pastor, the Doña Sauce at Tacodeli and yes, even the "you beat me to the ponch" HEB's own That Green Sauce. Y'know the one you can't live with out. So as a public service to you, I give you my simple-simplon version and 4 step process to making that verdie sauce that we all love.

Step One 
Get yo'self a plethora of chiles
I prefer jalapeños but you can add some poblanos si no eres un macho!
(ignore the red ones)

Step Dos
Boil 'em till it hurts. The chiles should be nice and limp (:/) before you take them out. 

Step 3
Put 'em in the blender and add the ingredients which is pretty simple. Salt to taste and the secret sauce is...canola oil! No it's not avocados or sour cream or cheese. It's straight up canola oil. That's what makes the salsa creme de la creme.

Step four
Pour it in you favorite bowl and go to town on it! You can also bottle it and try to sell it to HEB. I was thinking about it but who has the time, I got tacos to eat?!?

Sazz y Pazz, there ya go!


Anonymous said...

Why does it look yellow?

Anonymous said...

What about seeds and membranes?

Anonymous said...

Yeah - seed and membrane your chiles BEFORE poaching them!!

Anonymous said...

It also works fine with whole raw jalapeños (no stems) including seeds. Add garlic cloves to taste and drizzle with olive oil (or canola) while blending. Add salt to taste. This version is of course hotter...

Jon Roberts said...

For a thicker and smokier salsa I like to roast the chilies and garlic under the broiler until everything is blackened, then peel the charred skin and blend the soft insides (minus the seeds of course).

Anonymous said...

Those jalapenos in the picture are clearly whole during the boil and they also appear to be whole in the blender pic. Seeding and membraning is a good way to make the sauce approachable for more people, but if you ask me dona should be a kick in the teeth.

Anonymous said...

I made this with:
1.2 lbs jalps (whole -stems)
1/6 cup canola
1 tsp salt

Boiled the peppers till the skin started to split. Let them cool a bit then threw them in the food processor. Then added oil and salt. Came out perfect!

Anonymous said...

The creamy green salsa they have at La Tapatia is the bomb. Made the same way described above with cooked jalapenos and olive oil , but was told to add cumin. But something else is missing...and it isn't sour cream or avocado. Damn. If anyone figures it out , lemme know. -Mike Tabor @ darkmike333@gmail

Lisa said...

Garlic! You have to use garlic! If you go to Pollo Rico that have it on the label. Jalapeños, garlic, oil and salt. And, YES, remove seeds, membrane, boil, cool and put all in blender.It has a wonderful mellow and fresh flavor!

If you do not remove the seeds and membranes, it will be too hot.

rweakley said...

I always add cilantro. One of my favorite herbs. Cilantro, garlic and cumin.

rweakley said...

I always use cilantro. One of my favorite herbs. Cilantro, cumin and garlic.

Mando Rayo said...

Thx y'all. I like it hot so I keep the seeds. I've also roasted them but I think I like it boiled and yes, with garlic.