Thursday, January 26

Viva La Revolución

Tacos are nationwide. They are global. People all over the place can get a taco, even if they don't enjoy the kind of access to the best quality tacos that we Texans do.

The breakfast taco, however, is different. It's deeply ingrained into the culture and cuisine of Texas, but is largely unknown further north. This situation is baffling to many of us, and dire for miserable, hungover ex-pats who must go through life without the balm of the BT. I know that in the short time I lived and worked in NYC, it was a lack I felt daily.

Happily, it looks like there may be change afoot.

Let's all hold hand and look forward to a day when no man, no matter how yankefied his locale, must be without access to a breakfast taco.

p.s. - The photo above was taken at my favorite breakfast taco destination in the world, Fina's Coffee Shop in Brownsville, Tx. Full review coming soon.

-Cornbiter Deluxe


Anonymous said...

Sadly... I live in far west Texas. 60 miles from Mexico. There is one breakfast taco available... at the gas station. It's terrible. There are a couple of breakfast burritos in town. Also, not so good. Salsa here is a joke (actually the gas station has the best). I miss Austin. I miss Tex-Mex. I miss that weird orange cheese.

Eric Estate said...

Breakfast Tacos are the reason I stayed in Austin. Glad I found your blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Brownsville and often visit family there. I've never heard of Fina's but now I'll have to go check it out. Thanks!