Thursday, May 19

Why do you heart tacos? PachangaFest Tix Giveaway!

Alright taco peeps. We know you heart tacos but I keep pondering...why???? So here's you chance to share the taco love! Plus we're giving away a free pair of tix to Saturday's Pachanga Fest. Just check out the line up - Ozomatli, The Echocentrics, Maneja Beto, All female band - Mariachi Las Alteñas, Peligrosa All Stars y mas! Y'know you wanna go!

So tell us why you love tacos on the comment section or on our Facebook page and we'll choose the most appetizing comment. Go for it!

I heart tacos because.....


Texas Zemër said...

it's a world of individual flavors that become intertwined. All this sitting atop a bed of tortilla goodness. A heaven that only mom knows how to make! Of course everyone is partial to their mom's cooking. ;)

Valerie Garfias said...

Because I'm Mexican!!! :) I luv tacos Mmm pastor w/ lime are the

Taco Ninja said...

Why do I heart tacos? Because when you look at a taco, it looks like it's smiling back at you. Because tacos can be fast food, yet taste home made. Because tacos are appropriate morning, noon and night. Because tacos were the first thing I ate when I came to this country. Because in Japan, taco means octopus, and I hate octopus. Because now I heart tacos.

There is naught, nor ought there be, nothing so exalted on the face of God's grey Earth as that prince of foods ... the Taco! (with apologies to Frank Zappa).

testblog said...

Why do I love tacos? Why does the Earth orbit the Sun?

"I went down Nogalitos,
looking for some barbacoa and Big Red.
I went down Nogalitos,
looking for some barbacoa and Big Red.
I coulda had menudo,
but I got some tortillas,
and I got some carnitas,
and I got some gorditas,
and I got some chiiiiile,
I got some chiiiiile,
and I got some cabeza instead."
-Randy Garibay

Tammy said...

I heart tacos because they are the symbol of my life in Austin- (Ohio doesn't really know about these things). Now I call myself and proud Austinite and taco lover since 1993. You can enjoy them all day. I freakin' love breakfast tacos...such a great invention. Home made tortillas rock- especially the corn ones...mmmmmmmm. I love going to mom and pop trailer and restaurants to enjoy their take on the world Tacos can have so many different just have to get to know them all!

El Mundo De Mando said...

Congratulations to Juan Castillo for being el gran ganador of the Pachanga Latino Music Festival tickets! Here's why he loves tacos...

"Because they remind me of childhood and love and family and "where you're from." Because, sure, they're good for the panza, but they are even better for the soul."

Thanks to all the taco fans who participated.

The TJ Mafia