Wednesday, September 15

Did you take your Revenge of the Taco Tour?!?

We did! About 30 of us. Great times were had and lots of good tacos were eaten. Seems like it was just yesterday or 2 weeks ago. Oh the good times. Here's a short recap cuz I can't really remember most of it...

Ah yes, the TJ koozies. Kept our beer cold and made the tacos taste betta!

We still got some so shoot us an email ( and we'll get one in your manos for 5 bucks!

Our first stop was Takoba, a new taco joint on East 7th. We heard good things and they did not let us down with their slow cooked Al Pastor taco. We downed our first taco and had to move on quickly to the next stop.

Sharlene and Andres deciding and eating!

So off we were to Taqueria Selene on 6th and Chalmers. At this stop we met up with more taco lovers, Houstonians, Aussies and even some peeps from Nola. This taco trailer had everything, lengua, al pastor, desehbrada, guisada mexicana and cold Mexican cokes to cool us down. It was either the heat or people were really diggin' this trailer. See photo for proof!

Random people eating and enjoying tacos

Of course, we needed a little break from the heat and as we say en Español - Hacer Hambre - to make hunger aka drink some drinks! We made a pit stop at Rio Rita, a cool little dive in the Eastside. Fast forward a few drinks later and we were best friends with everyone!

The next two stops were the new taco joints on Rainey Street. El Naranjo, which is a taco truck parked in a driveway that specializes in true Mexican traditions, Oaxaca style. Word on the street is that the chef changes up the menu once a week. It was a packed house when we got there and everyone seemed to enjoy their tacos. I did as well but was too distracted by the flying ants trying to get all up on grills and it kinda ruined it for me. I do want to go back and try out their mole though.

Collin enjoying tacos at El Naranjo

Final stop was Bomb Tacos at Lustre Pearl. By this time I was kinda superful and unluckily had to pull an exit strategy cuz I had a baby daddy call - get home now cry! So off I went. I heard the chorizo tacos made the night for todos.

We're happy to report that we're not the only taco aficionados in Austin. Check out Craig's write-up and waaaay better photos of the tour on his The Adventures of Slightly Taller than Average Man blog.

So what's in store for the next taco tour? South Austin Baby! Coming soon, as soon as we get organized which will be in a couple of months when it cools down. Where should we go Southies????

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