Friday, April 17

Adios, Magic Taco Box!

I just found out that the world famous Magic Taco Box is closing! Yes, very sad news for Austin but good news for San Antonio! They're opening up a full restaurant & once they do, y'know we'll be doing a road trip.

So get your fill this weekend & early next week cuz they'll be gone as early as Tuesday, April 21st.

Adios, Magic Taco Box. You will not be forgotten!

Stay Hungry My Friends,

Update: Alayna's employees indicated that a new tenant would be moving into the space/closet. The question is: will they make their tacos with love? We'll let you know as soon as the new guys start slinging tacos.

In the meantime, you can still satisfy your Manor road taco cravings at Mi Madres (who, sadly, just raised their prices), a few doors down. Or that other place whose name I can never remember. They serve up already-overpriced tacos between Mi Madres and Alayna's. El Chiquita?

- The Commish


Cornbiter Deluxe said...


Ana said...

I second that Noooooooooooooooooo!

friday said...

A little piece of my heart just died.

James Francis said...

Austin will lose the best hangover cure in town. A part of me just died. Will I be forced to go to el chilito next door?

El Mundo De Mando said...

I think I might pull an El Paso trick. Order a bunch of them, then freeze them for later later!

coffee and queso said...

hey mando: this reminds me that there's a tiny taco stand (order at the window only) in the shopping center at berkman and briarcliff... not so far from Manor! we were gonna check it out.

El Mundo De Mando said...

so sounds good! let me know how it is!