Monday, March 16

SXSW Tacos & BBQ!

Today is all about food! We started with tacos for a small, yet meaningful gathering of taco lovers & early birds. Shout out to my new Tweeps [@moralesmanny, @cian, @snax, @abramsley, @lasculturas, @sylviaO, @butterygoodness, @wadehahnchan & Jackie "I'm not on Twitter yet" Rogers!]. By lunchtime, I was ready for the @Dishola BBQ Crash Course. So what did I do? I crashed it! Talk about BBQ galore! In stock was bbq from Artz Rib House, Snow's BBQ, Inman's Ranch Bar-b-que, Louie Mueller Barbeque, Ranch 616 & The County Line. I totally went to town on it. Didn't you see my pic in Addie's blog?

So I wanted you to enjoy it with a cool sideshow from our friends at @Animoto! Good thing I found them at the SXSW Tradeshow. Turn up your volume & check it out!

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