Saturday, March 14

SX-Repost: Alayna's

The next in our series of SX-Reposts, the best tacos on Manor Road:

Taqueria Alayna's from September 28th, 2007

For those of you who have a love for breakfast tacos and the Eastsaaeeed, you'll want to go to Taqueria Alayna's aka the MAGIC TACO BOX! Alayna's is located on East Manor in a small shopping strip; its actually part of the washateria and next to my favorite place to take my trokita for a little tune-up, Funk-a-motive.

This is probably the only place I get a Huevos con Bacon ($1.75) taco in town. The tacos are big and plentiful with lots of bacon, but not strips, cuz that's lame, they do juicy bacon chunks and they good. The salsa is a bit out of the ordinary; its a green salsa heavy on the cilantro and pica pica! That's probably why I like it porque if it doesn't have a chispa, then it doesn't have flavor flave.

Second best taco is a classic, the bean & cheese taco ($1.50). The taco basically melts in your mouth; the cheese is cheesy and the beans tienen saborrr de los pintos de las Americas and a must have, the refried taste of the border. I would also have to say that they probably have the best beans in town. I always say that if a place has good beans, then rest of the food will be good. I guess that's my litmus test.

So next time you're thinking of going to that corner spot on Manor and Cherrywood (y'know what I'm talking about), just go 2 blocks further east, stick your hand in the magic taco box and magically, tacos will appear!

Alayna's Taqueria - 4.5 Estars - El Mundo de Mando
2611 Manor Rd

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Texan in UAE said...

Btw - Yes, still drooling over the tacos! LOL Anyways, we get "Mexican food" at this one place, Cantina laredo" it's okay. I guess it'll have to do when I can't choose. Anyways, for 3 cardnita tacos! and rice and beans! we pay, 50 (UAE dirhams) in USA bucks, that's 13.6 or less American dollars! The american's make out in this country! and get rich when coming to work here. We are tax free!!! and awesome! think about what I said. Bring a Mexican place here. If you need to contact me. go to my blog. You'll see the contact info!!! I am soo serious! LOL I don't feel like making my homemade flour torillas! But, looks like I might just be doing that! soon!!!