Thursday, January 8

Now That's One Big Burrito: Bonny's Cafe (EPT)

Now that's a big burrito! The Chile Relleno Burro at Bonny's Cafe (in the outskirts of El Paso, TX) has to be the biggest one I've devoured - all 16 inches of it! Eating chile rellenos is the norm in these parts and every time I go home I make sure to eat at least 5 of them!

Chile Relleno Burro

The burri-tote tortillas are made fresh in-house; where else can you get a tortilla mas grande??? They use long green hatch chiles that pica pica (not like the blandy poblano) and you have the option of pasting some freejoles on to the tortilla. The beans are kind of like ketchup for burgers. Any burrito or taco just tastes better with a nice thin layer of refried beaners. Overall, the Chile Relleno burro was delicious.

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4 Estrellas - El Mundo de Mando

Bonny's Cafe
10750 N Loop Dr,
, TX

(915) 859-0092

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