Wednesday, October 15

Tacos for Poverty - Eat at Mi Madre's on Wednesday!

Wanna eat good tacos and support an awesome cause? Hells yeah, you do! Wednesday, Oct. 15 is Blog Action Day: Poverty. I am using my blogging powers to raise poverty awareness for 24 hours straight, like nonstop. I'm going to be up for 24 hours on Wednesday from 12am - 12am. So what can you do to help? Eat tacos (or anything) at Mi Madre's on Wednesday. They are donating 10% of the days sales to United Way and helping us raise poverty awareness - yay for them and for us!

So go eat tacos, support a good cause, tell your friends. If you don't believe me, check out the inspiring message from Aurelio Torres, El Don de Mi Madre's!

Don't forget to check out my 24 hour blog posts!

El Mundo de Mando

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